The Wonders of Basic Chemistry Kit

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What Is The Basic Chemistry Kit?

The basic chemistry kit from ABH Enterprises LLC contains all of the knowledge of the natural elements you will need to show off to your friends. Containing 1 gram or less of all the natural elements, you have the power to do anything with this you want like blowing your friends out of the pool with cesium. Some assembly required to make the proper periodic table model. Keep distantly from children and water.

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Warning: Some materials in the basic chemistry kit are poisonous and can cause mass destruction. That is why you will find some of the materials in very small quantities. if mixed with water, very very bad things can happen. Keep out of reach of children because nobody wants to see a sick child. Although The wonders of basic chemistry kit is extremely intriguing and exciting, please use it responsibly by not eating any of the materials as where you can choke and die. Also do not perform any possibly dangerous experiments with this kit because it could result in possible fatalities. If you think the experiment you are going to do could possibly be dangerous, it probably is do it can wait for the professionals to do the experiment in a safe environment. Also purchasing this is a freedom of choice, so if someone does die from any disease, or gets sick because of the wonders of basic chemistry kit, there will be no lawsuits filed against us. If you have any Criminal history, you will not be able to buy the wonders of basic chemistry kit because you were a criminal, and At ABH enterprises we do not accept criminals. Only Raw Materials and basic table construction parts Included. Must pay separate shipping and handling (19.99 each)for all extra included things (sodium chloride, methane, formaldehyde, etc) Shipping and handling for chemistry kit adds up to $299.99. Must also have sufficient credit card or bank account funds to purchase.

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