Regina Caeli Newsletter


Queen of Heaven Pray for Us!

Regina Caeli or Queen of Heaven is a beautiful prayer! Check it out!!

A New Year of Hope and Promise

Happy New Year!

As we begin 2023, let us look to the new year with hope and promise in Jesus Christ! The month of January will be filled with outreach and inreach of school to homes and homes to school. We will be

  • holding a State of the School meeting to share considerations and plans to sustain this little powerhouse Catholic school. (invitations coming soon)
  • sending out the Annual Appeal to the community to share the worth of SMCS... PRICELESS!
  • shining our light to the surrounding community to preserve and bolster our numbers.
  • counting on parent volunteers for Catholic Schools Week. (book your calendars: 1/28 - 2/4)

Meanwhile, teachers and staff continue to work to best serve the learning and growth of our students. We will continue

  • studying the book Mindset by Dr. Carol Dweck and, through shared leadership, grow our strengths as individuals and as a faculty.
  • analyzing our work and the performance of our students to drive our next steps in professional growth.
  • utilizing student and parent voices to focus on rigorous, engaging and differentiated instruction.
  • building our understanding of the Catholic faith and its role in understanding ourselves, others and our world.

We move forward teaching our students Truth, knowledge and skills with Faith and Reason!

Let's be exceptional!!

Sincerely in Him,

Michelle Smetanick, Principal

Check Out Our Good Samaritans!

We pay attention! We look for those students who extend themselves regularly to help and encourage their classmates and show kindness to others.

Lunch With a Teacher!

We ARE Saint Mary Catholic School!

  • We are a learning school where mistakes are met with compassion and followed by reflection, correction, and grace.
  • We seek The Truth of our world and our Catholic faith with humility, fidelity and fortitude.
  • We are a community that helps each other to become the best versions of ourselves for we are ALL "fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of our Creator."