About Snow Leopards

By Makenna Dunkin

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Physical Description

1. Snow leopards have thick,pale/gray fur that may show hints of tan.

2. There fur can also have black spots on it.

3. Also they use there long tails to balance themselves on steep rocky slopes.

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Snow Leopards Diet

1. Snow leopards will eat wild goats,sheep,wild boars,small mammals and sometimes small birds.

2. They pounce on there pray like cheetahs do.

3. After the male has caught something to eat he eats some of it but when he recognizes his family or herd he backs of and lets them eat.

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1. They live in China,Russia,India and they also live in Pakistan.

2. There population is 4,080.

3. They live in grassy slopes.

Interesting Facts

1. Snow leopards can leap 45 feet that is longer than a humpback whale.

2. They can drag a small antelope up a 50 foot tree.

3. Snow leopards do not roar they yowl loudly.

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