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15 March 2019

Golden Dragon Book awards!

We will be voting on our choices for the Golden Dragon Books from Friday 22nd March 2019. To be eligible to vote for their favourites, children need to have read at least two of the books in the category they want to vote for. I'm pleased to say that the books have not stayed on the shelves for very long at all! So I'm confident we will have a lot of voters in all our classes.

A reminder of the categories and book selection is below, have a look and make sure you've read at least two for your categories...

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Author visit - Suzanne Younan

Year 6 had the fantastic opportunity to meet with Suzanne Younan a local author who's son was a student at Peak School. It was a moment of perfect synchronisation, Year 6 have been looking at taking action, Peak School have been looking at eliminating single use plastic and Suzanne's book gathered all that thinking together. Inspired by her son's Year 6 exhibition Suzanne has gone on to bring lots of change in Hong Kong's dragon boat community and her book is a great message for all in Hong Kong. There were questions and thoughts abounding and the Year 6 got to appreciate that our actions can take many forms, even in the form of creating a book to bring about change.

Suzanne will be back at Peak School on 2nd May to speak to all the other year groups about her book and her work to clean up plastic use in Hong Kong.

How we catalogue fiction in the library.

Year 4 had a great time recently refreshing their knowledge of how our fiction books are catalogued. They had different groups and lists and had to get themselves in order just as if they were books on the shelves. knowing your place alphabetically can be tricky when you have to go to the third letter of your surname, or beyond. They can now confidently find books on the shelves of the library, when they know the surname of the author.