Among Thieves

Mez Packer


Mez Packer was born in Essex, a small county in England. From here she went to Warwick University, studying philosophy and getting a Bachelor's Degree before continuing to become a jazz singer in Portugal. Then she got a job lecturing in multimedia at Coventry University. In 2009 she wrote Among Thieves, focusing on the racism she saw in her travels. She wrote another book called the Game is Altered.

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Among Thieves was published in 2009 by Tindal Street Press.

A few important characters

Basic Story

Set in the 1980s in Coventry, this book details a feud between two ex-student drug lords, Andy and Pads. Mehmet is randomly introduced through a change in narration and his seeking for revenge is brought into the story-line. Eventually the plots intermingle as people are sent abroad trying to score a huge drug deal and everything is wraps up as well as these involved plots could be by the end.

Relatable to teens

The book takes place in everyday settings and occurs mostly among teenagers. Underneath the drug lord exterior, the characters exist normally, creating and destroying friendships like any other adolescents. Also, sarcasm and humor prevail heavily during the dialog and different situations.


The story takes place almost entirely in the drug sub-culture. Also, different countries are visited and the problem of racism is addressed through Jez's family.
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