February 2016

Ms. Endicott's Fourth Grade Class

A Love For Learning

Hello Parents,

Can't you smell the love for learning in the air! We are doing some exciting things as learners in our classroom. Over the past month, we have spent a lot of time creating our very own non-fiction books on the American Revolution. I have been so impressed with all their hard work! We will be binding these books soon so that we can share our hard work with others. There are many events that are coming up that you need to be on the look out for!

Upcoming Learning


As readers, we will begin taking a deeper look at novels and the themes or messages the author is trying to tell us. As writers, we will begin our work on writing literary essays. We will investigate various literary texts and learn to write essays that support our ideas about the text based on evidence from the text.


As mathematicians, we are continuing our work with fractions. We will continue to focus on adding and subtracting like fractions and mixed numbers. Soon we will start multiplying fractions by whole numbers.

Social Studies:

As social scientist, we are finishing our study on the American Revolution!


As scientist, we will begin our unit on weather. We will investigate the water cycle and discover ways to record information about weather through out the day and week. We will also take a look at severe weather!

Students Hard At Work Researching About The American Revolution!

Important Dates

Feb. 10: Early Dismissal Half Day

Feb. 13: Jump Rope For Heart Event at Lander University

Feb. 17: Interims and Narratives Go Home

Feb. 19: Picture Money Due

Feb. 26: Birthday Lunch

Feb. 29: Last Day for Jump Rope For Heart Money