4C News

Friday, February 8th, 2019


Mrs. Close's Class ~ The kids will be taking the Module 4 assessment on Monday. Your child has his/her review packet in their take home folders. Please check it over at some point during the weekend. Next week promises to be very busy. In addition to the test, we have two CML competitions to review, one MO competition to review, and we will begin Module 5. Fractions is the focus of the 40-day module.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We will be finishing our last lesson in Module 3 today. On Monday we will review for the end of module assessment. This may possibly take us to Tuesday as well. I am planning on giving the module assessment on Tuesday and Wednesday. The past couple of weeks we have been focusing on solving division problems using multiple methods including the traditional algorithm. After the assessment, we will begin module 4. This is a module on geometry concepts. The module is heavy in vocabulary as well as measuring and defining different types of angles.


Read Aloud ~ We are just about halfway through The Underneath. There are so many interesting characters. This week we learned a lot more about Grandmother Moccasin. It was fun to read the kids' predictions in today's Friday Exit Ticket.

Small Groups ~ I'm really enjoying listening to the kids talk about their books. The conversations range from favorite parts, to interesting quotes, to crazy characters. I'm trying to talk less and listen more.

Social Studies ~The English have finally taken over the colony! Peg Leg Pete (be sure to ask your 4th grader about him) surrendered to the English and now our focus will be on daily Colonial Life. After February break, we'll begin the road to the Revolution.

PAWS ~ The newest assignment is due Monday. Many kids have already handed it in. A handful of kids are coming home this weekend needing an adult to check over their work and sign off on the final copy. No PAWS next week.

Picture Book Friday ~ JJ did a great job entertaining us with That is NOT a Good Idea! We came up with two themes. Don't judge a book by its cover and expect the unexpected worked well for us. Alexis is up for next week!

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Kids need to be prepared with instruments on Tuesday for ensembles and Wednesday for lessons.