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“The person who takes medicine must recover twice, once from the disease and once from the medicine.” -William Osler, MD

Basic Facts

  • Chiropractors use their hands to tread and manipulate vertebrae and other joints to reduce pressure on nerves.
  • They focus on patients over all health not just the neck and back.
  • About 59 percent of them are self employed.
  • They usually need to take 8 years of medical training after high school.
  • Biology because you need to learn about human life. To become a Chiropractor.
  • Chiropractors must complete 90 undergraduate hours. That will be equal to a bachelor's degree in Science, before they are put into a four-year chiropractic collage.
  • Human anatomy so you can know where the bones in the body are.
  • You need minimum of a Bachelors degree.
  • You take physiology and anatomy.
  • In some states you don't require a license, to become a Chiropractor.

Pros and Cons of being a Chiropractor


  • You will get a large salary of $28,520 to $166,400 per year.
  • You'll be self employed so you can make your own hours.
  • People seeking jobs will have great opportunities in Wisconsin.


  • They usually have to work long hours.
  • You'll have to pay for more schooling to become a chiropractor.
  • In school you will have to take more challenging classes in high school and collage.

What do you need to do for this Occupation

Schooling in high school:

  • Chiropractors must complete 90 undergraduate hours, the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in science, before they are admitted into four-year chiropractic colleges.
  • You must take advanced classes in high school. You take physiology and anatomy.
  • Anatomy and Physiology, Foreign Language, Public Speaking, and Statistics and Probability. These classes will help you excel as a chiropractor.

Associations for this occupation

American Chiropractic Association

1701 Clarendon Blvd.

Arlington, VA, 22209


Wisconsin Chiropractic Association

521 E. Washington Ave.

Madison, WI, 53703



If you are good with your hands and you have a lot of science education then you could be a chiropractor. You'd have a salary of about 66,610 dollars. You only have to go through a certain number of years in college. In high school you must take all advanced core classes. Once you graduate from college you usually should have your own private clinic and you're mostly self employed. Becoming a chiropractor is very challenging sometimes and requires hard work, but a very rewarding job as well.


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