Slavery hitches a joy ride

by: Jilleighan Boivin, P: 7,


1. Many Texans thought that Lincoln's election towards being president was threat to slavery, they urged a convention to determine what course the state should take.

2. Most Texans had a strong attachment to the Union, that they worked hard to join it.

3. Most Texans would pick a fight for the thought of slavery.

4. Although some thought it was the only way to live so there State can keep on growing, and they also thought it was there only lifestyle.

5. Slavery was not just a moral issue but political issue as well.

6. Southerners and Northerners fought over the political and moral issues of slavery.

7. Very many sectional debates divided up the United States into 2 sides and that's the North and South and that troubled many Texans.

8. South viewed slavery as a need to maintaining economic wealth, while North viewed slavery as evil and the worst thing ever.


I think that the Southerners are right and they have a right to have slavery, but I also think that Northerners are right about it being very evil and unconstitutional. I would see why the South need it as a way for living because they have no big factories they mainly just have fields used for crops. Possibly if the Northerners an Southerners switched places they would see why they think what they think now, if you know what if mean. :)


1. Why did slavery become causes of the Civil War? Answer: The South and North had different reasons for having slavery or not, also it was not just a moral issue but a political issue as well.

2. How did slavery affect the present? Answer: It's better that slavery happened sooner rather than later and also it settles our differences that we have, I am also glad that people don't always think they have ownership of each other.

3. Why did Lincoln's election push the South off the edge and form the Confederate States?

Answer: Lincoln was against slavery and they felt that if Lincoln was elected that he would take away there slavery and if he did that they would have to find some other way to live a different lifestyle.

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Where slavery is; there liberty cannot be; and where liberty is; there slavery cannot be.

- Abraham Lincoln

Another quote I thought was cool:

NEVER allow yourself to be defined by someone else's opinion of you.