All about me

By. Christian Ryan

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Because i only get one turkey every year sometimes 2. And I eat all the stuffing usually i eat it all.


I like having homework. I think i'm the only one in the hole school district that likes to do homework. I like having homework because if gives my something to do everyday after school, and its easy to me.

My favorite Subject Is Math

Algabra is easy to me. i do math because it easy for me. I use math every time when i buy stuff.

Im 12 years old

I was born on January 9th 2001. I'm the youngest person in my family. Also i get money when i have a family party.

My favorite animal is a Cat

My favorite color is Orange

Why I like the color orange is I like the smell of orange. I like the fruit. Also I like orange juice.

I Love having a phone

I usually spend most of my time on it. I go through 1 phones a year usually. I spend most of my money on iTunes cards.

Laptop and Computer

I brought my laptop for $300 with my own money. I had it for almost 2 years. After i'm done my homework i play on it.

I love baseball.