The Harlem Renaissance


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"The Jazz Singers"

By Archibald J Motley Jr

-Painted in 1934

It represented the rise of jazz and african american culture

Jazz was a big part of the harlem renaissance, Motley loved to paint these types of portraits with life and expression.

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By Palmer Hayden

Showed African rhythmic complexity

Influenced by the artist enjoyment of jazz

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Also by Archibald J Motley jr

1929, it was an oil on canvas

Black music provided the pulse and life of the harlem renaissance. Blues was a big part of it and it was something new the people have never heard before.

Dreams Deferred

If i stopped playing soccer it would be a terrible thing. I would be so upset and sad. I dream to be playing for the Chelsea FC and playing with the best. If my dreams were deferred and crushed i would totally devastated. I know playing soccer for Chelsea is just a dream, but dreams can come true, you just have to believe.
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