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Friday, November 8th, 2019

We Are Thankful For YOU!

It's crazy how fast time flies. It feels like yesterday we were coming to Agua Fria high school on our first day of high school. From everyone in OwlFeed, we thank you during this season of Thanksgiving. It is because of you guys that we put all of our work into these stories. Thank you!

-Carlos Johnson, Editor In Chief

By: Lauren Mitchell

Calling all Seniors! If you haven’t applied for your FAFSA, do it now! College is right around the corner and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a great way to pay for it.

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By: Stephanie Perez

No matter what you do it on, whether it’s a shortboard, penny board, longboard or a cruiser, skateboarding is a boundless, independent, no-rules-attached sport like no other.

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By: Rian Cameron

This movie makes admirable attempts to recognize the deep and complex aspects of society, upbringing, and politics that devastate people like Arthur. However, political halfwits are trying to construe the violence and sympathetic nature of the movie as some sort of defense for White men who commit atrocious crimes and, specifically, mass murder.

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By: Bella Tarzia

The women’s volleyball season comes to an end with 5 seniors leaving the program as they played for the last time on the home court against Barry Goldwater.

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Veterans' Day

This day is to honor and pay respects to all those who have served our country. After WWI ended and the armistice was signed, Congress dubbed it as a day to honor the heroes who fought in the war. Currently there are over 18.2 million veterans, making up 7.2 percent of our population. Don't forget to thank a veteran on this day of respect.

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