Instructional Technology

2/1/16 - 2/5/16


If you come across a computer in a COW (Chromebook or regular PC) and it does not appear to be working, please put in a tech ticket, with which COW it is, and the number of the laptop. We have come across a few this week with sticky notes on them, that we did not realize weren't working. Thank you!

Who do you call?

I've had a lot of teachers come up to me over the last few weeks, unsure who to ask specific questions. In reality you can ask any of us, and if we can't help you we will point you in the right direction.

However, I thought it might be nice for you to have an actual list of how we have divided our workload. The following chart is NOT by any means complete or strictly adhered to. We all just picked our top five responsibilities that teachers may want to know .

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**Please note if you have a technology request, which involves you requesting a new piece of technology or software to either long-term or permanently reside in your classroom, you are to contact your building administrator. If it is something to be covered by our dept., they will reach out to us. Please do not request a new computer for your classroom directly from our technology team. Thank you!


This week I created a short(ish) video on is a site where students can build or create their own website or blog. They are extremely simple, and they look professional. It is what I used to build my tech website!

This would be a great way to do a project-based assignment with students! (I recommend middle school and up).

Weebly - A quick how-to
If interested in doing weebly with your students, please contact me (Dr. Groff)! I would love to come in and work with you and your students!

Next week I promise to focus on a technology aimed at K-5!

Have a great 2nd semester!