Designing a Blackboard Template

Getting your Blackboard class "Student Ready"

This list are the common things an Instructional Designer will do to get a Blackboard class student ready.


Consider what you will use Blackboard for in your class. Blackboard is a great place to post Announcements, email all students, post handouts, have students continue discussions, give students a place to develop collaborative assignments, have students take practice quizzes, submit assignments, post your student grades, and much more.

Customizing the Navigation

Begin by assessing your needs or goals for using Blackboard. Then begin to customize the left hand navigation to fit and meet these goals. Watch the short video setting up the navigation, and then download the PDF guide on setting up your course in Blackboard.

Blackboard Tools

There is a large variety of "tools" in Blackboard. The videos describe the tools in each category. Some of these tools are standard in Blackboard, while others are added to Edgewood's Blackboard as Building Blocks.

  • Organizational Tools
  • Communication Tools
  • Student Learning Activities
  • Content Tools
  • Student Tools

Assessments Types in Blackboard

Setting up the Grade Center


Managing Content in Blackboard


Using External Web Tools in Your Class

Creating Videos for you Class


Connecting Libary Resources in Your Class

Blackboard Class Maintenance