CVU Nordic News

Week of Jan 11- Exam Week

U32 Race

Congrats to everyone who raced! Race results can be found on the webpage here. I was impressed with both the cheering and skiing this weekend! And to the boys who avoided face paint- I will get you next race!

Exam week practice

It looks like the snowmaking loop is going to withstand the weather. Let's plan to skate ski at Sleepy Monday - we will leave CVU at 1:30 and ski for an hour.

Practice for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday- we will leave CVU at 1:30, ski for an hour, technique will be posted on the webpage.

Friday- Everyone should ski in the morning before meeting at CVU for a 1:30 practice and waxing. We have a classic race on Saturday, Jan 16th at Sleepy Hollow. We will glide wax tips and tails and probably have to binder or klister skis in preparation for race wax Saturday morning.

Exams- We understand if you need an afternoon to go to a review session or study; however, taking 4 days off from practice is counterproductive to both your fitness and mental state. It is a proven fact that exercise stimulates the brain and aids with studying. We are having shorter practices in the afternoons so you can go home and study in the evenings. We do expect to see people at practices this week. Friday is make up day, as stated above, the majority of you will be able to ski in the morning and then wax skis for Saturday's race at CVU at 1:30.

Looking ahead- we have 2 classic races coming up- Saturday, Jan 16 at Sleepy Hollow and Monday, Jan 18 at Rikerts (Breadlof) in Middlebury. I will get details out on the races as soon as I receive them- both areas have snow making so I'm thinking the races will happen.

Check the website for daily practice info and good luck on exams!

Community Events

There are two community events during the Jan 23-24 weekend:

Mansfield Nordic Ski Club is hosting a Duathlon Race at Craftsbury. Details can be found here.

UVM Ski Club is hosting races at Sleepy Hollow and are in need of volunteers. Details can be found here. Sign ups for help can be found here.