Texas Oil Project

By Aidan Shepherd, Justin Graham, and Adi Sadam

The History Of Spindeltop and the boom that followed

The modern oil industry was born on a hill in southeastern Texas. A giant underground dome of salt formed this hill as it moved slowly towards the surface. As it crept, it pushed the earth that was in its path higher and higher. This dome was known by several names, but the one that stuck was "Spindle top". Through the latter half of the 19th century, Pennsylvania had been the most oil-productive state in the country. All that changed on January 10, 1901. One man, Pattillo Higgins, dreamed of "striking it rich" in Texas oil. One day he noticed an unusual hill in his hometown of Beaumont Texas. He then purchased this hill believing there was oil under the hill. After several failed attempts at drilling oil he resigned from the company. Yet, he still believed there was oil under the hill so he started placing ads in the papers to find geologists and engineers. One of his ads caught the attention of a mining engineer named Anthony Lucas. On January 10 1901 Lucas struck oil that gushed a hundred feet in the air for 9 days. People started migrating from all over to spindle top to get their hands on the new Texas gold.

3 Economical Effects that oil had on Texas

1. One economical effect that oil had on Texas was that it started many popular oil companies now known today like Exxon mobile, Texaco, and Gulf.

2. Another economical effect that oil had on Texas was that it created jobs and towns that popped up over night called boom towns.

3. The final effect that oil had on Texas was that it helped the transportation industry. It gave that industry a new and efficient resource for gas that the trains would run on.

Overview detailing the modern day oil industry in Texas

Today, oil is no longer the predominant force behind Texas' economic development. However, in the century since Spindletop roared to life on the Texas Gulf Coast, oil has touched the lives of many Texans, and it continues to provide benefits to residents of the Lone Star State, as well as to people throughout the country.
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Our Graphs

These pics above show our graphs that we made over the population of spindle top and the oil In spindle top

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