Roanoke Parks and Rec.

By: Garrett Smith


My Work

My Accomplishments

Reason I Choose this Path

Education Requirements


Working for the City

A basic description of this job is the upkeep for the city of Roanoke, whether it be setting up the celebration for Roanoke Day, or even just plain mowing.

My Work

I've been working since i was 13, i started working with my dad and we build Cedar Garage Doors so i have carpentry experience. When I was 16 i started working at Fairway Ranch doing everything a basic ranch needs like fencing.

My Accomplishments

Working all this time has taught me skills not many kids out of high school have and has given me a leg up on other candidates for this job.


The reason i chose to work for the city of Roanoke is because its hands on and not in an office space. There will always be a different task and I'm excited for that variety

Education Requirements

Working for the city requires just High School but working there requires some special license for heavy machinery like bulldozer. Those classes are payed by the city.


I interviewed David Keaton he is a full time worker at Roanoke and is manager of the mowing crews. Hes in charge of the looks of the city and the machines used for that. He explained to me his day to day process and how his operation runs.


The big benefit getting from this job for me is reliability. Being that it is government and its a boom town right now is very reliable.

Another benefit is the location, I've lived in Roanoke Tx. all my life and i plan to stay here.