Client Report

Steve Colvin Health and Fitness Report


Mr. Colvin’s PAR-Q showed that he does a fair bit of exercise on the bike and that he enjoys this. Medically he is taking anabolic steroids and has had several injuries previously but none that will take an effect on his current activity levels. Looking through his PAR-Q Mr. Colvin was medically safe to carry out the health screening and fitness tests. However due to the fact that he is taking anabolic steroids his heart rate and blood pressure may be affected.

Health Screening

Mr. Colvin went through four tests, these were:

Heart Rate

Blood Pressure

Lung Function


For these tests we needed a heart rate and blood pressure monitor, a spirometer as well as weighing scales and a tape measure. Before the tests were carried out I ensured that he hadn’t had any caffeine or any other substances that may affect the tests. He told me he had recently taken the anabolic steroids so I informed him on the effects that would take place with the health screening in terms of his heart rate and blood pressure. Firstly we carried out the heart rate test as it was the resting heart rate that needed to be taken and it can easily be affected by the other tests. Mr. Colvin was wearing a long sleeved shirt and could not roll his sleeve up all the way. I therefore took the measurement over the top of his shirt as the tightness of rolling the sleeve up would cause constriction and would have an effect on his resting heart rate. For this test we discovered that Mr. Colvin did indeed have a high resting heart rate, this as stated before may have been due to the anabolic steroids he had been taking.

While doing the heart rate we also found out his blood pressure which was within the pre-high blood pressure zone with a systolic of 136 and a diastolic of 89 mmHG. This meant that although he wasn’t yet in the high blood pressure zone, he was still on the borderline meaning it is time to make lifestyle alterations to prevent him from entering the high blood pressure stage.

Moving onto the lung function Mr. Colvin’s results came back well above average with his best try hitting 6000. This is probably due to the amount of biking he does which requires a high amount of cardiovascular fitness. So for his lung function no further improvements are needed however he can still train his lung function at our physifitness gym through some of our high intensity cardio workout plans.

Finally his BMI, to do this I measured his height which was 1.84m and his weight which was 97.5kg. Using the normative data we found out his BMI was 29 which showed that for his height and weight he is over-weight. Fat loss is his target with us at physifitness and I will put together a fitness programme to aid in fat loss and gain in lean muscle mass. We will then come together to discuss his opinion on the fitness programme.

Fitness Testing

We carried out 6 different tests to gauge his speed, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, power, muscular endurance and strength. To do these tests we required the necessary equipment. Treadmill for the 12 minute cooper run, sit and reach box for the sit and reach test, mats for the sit up and push up tests, chalk and a ruler for the sergeant Jumps, 30m straight for the 30m sprint and finally a bench and weights for the 1 rep max test.

Before we began the fitness testing I asked Mr. Colvin to perform a warm up exercise which was 5 minutes on the bike at his own level keeping it above 100rpm. Once the warm up was over I gave him a 2 minute break to catch his breath before we started the fitness tests. Mr. Colvin scored a 2.4 on his 12 minute cooper run which was just above average, he reckons with a bit more training that he could achieve a higher score so within the fitness programme we will be working on cardiovascular training as one of the main sections.

For the sit and reach test he scored a 10 which is average, this can be improved and he wants to work on his flexibility to help prevent exercise related injuries. So within the fitness programme there will be rest days in the week which will be focused on flexibility training. This may include classes such as yoga. Next the sit ups and push ups he scored 33 pushups which is below average for his age and 33 sit-ups which was an excellent score compared to normative data. To improve his muscular strength for his push-ups he needs to build more muscle endurance this can be done through a series of resistance weight training. The sergeant jump was one of his best tests as he scored a 50 which is above average this indicates that he doesn’t need to work on his power however if he does there are several methods in which this can be improved one being weighted squat jumps. On the contrary the 30m sprint was Mr. Colvin’s downside as he scored a poor score of 4.9. He wasn’t too bothered by this as he knows himself to be more of an endurance person than a sprinter and would rather focus on his fat loss and lean muscle gain. Finally the one rep max test he scored 56kg which is below average, however this is expected as the only way he would gain an average or above average score would be if he were to do strength training on a regular basis.

Lifestyle Improvements

As a company that looks towards healthy living we provide lifestyle improvements and guidance for our customers. This may be centred individually if the client has particular issues in which he/she can improve on or it may be general and or optional improvements. The main improvements we look towards are smoking, drinking and sleep. The information we provide for our customers is listed below.


If we think of our bodies as computers that need updating to be ready and refreshed for the next time they are used, then sleep would be our key source to do that updating and refreshing. This means that when we sleep our bodies use the time to restore the energy to our muscles to be able to work again the next day. The longer the sleep the more able and ready your body will be for the challenges that it will be faced during the day. In general our bodies need around 8-10 hours of sleep to be fully restored. When someone does not get the correct amount of sleep he or she needs they get what is known as sleep deprivation which means the lack of sleep. When this occurs the person may experience factors such as the following:

- Grumpiness

- Tiredness

- Lack of co-ordination

- Lack of systematical thought

- Increased likely-hood of becoming sick

- Potential to gain weight

- Becoming irrational


On a whole smoking any foreign substances to the body will cause some form of harm. Your average cigarette contains the following:

Acetone – found in nail polish remover

Acetic Acid – an ingredient in hair dye

Ammonia – a common household cleaner

Arsenic – used in rat poison

Benzene – found in rubber cement

Butane – used in lighter fluid

Cadmium – active component in battery acid

Carbon Monoxide – released in car exhaust fumes

Formaldehyde – embalming fluid

Hexamine – found in barbecue lighter fluid

Lead – used in batteries

Naphthalene – an ingredient in moth balls

Methanol – a main component in rocket fuel

Nicotine – used as insecticide

Tar – material for paving roads

Toluene - used to manufacture paint

So in smoking a cigarette you are intaking all of the above into your lungs and body, none of which would do any good to it what so ever. There have been debates with the new and rising fad of smoking shisha and whether or not it is better for you. It doesn't contain all the nasty chemicals as a cigarette does, however it still has the tobbaco in it which is used to give the smoker the "high" or the "buzz" satisfaction from the smoking session. Tobacco can cause minor health issues such as headaches and dizziness as well as discolouration of your teeth. It can also lead to more serious health issues such as increased heart rate and blood pressure, heart disease, heart attacks and cancer in the lungs as well as other parts of your body.

There are no possible health benefits towards smoking that have been scientifically proven to help. However, for those who wish to become healthier and gain a more balanced lifestyle, there are methods that can be used to help quit smoking. Be reminded however, not all of these are an alternate option to smoking but more of a warm down exercise to get used to not smoking as a whole. The following are examples of such methods:

- Nicotine patch

- Electronic Cigarettes

- Electronic Shisha (0 tar): this is simply flavoured water vapour

- Replace the need to smoke with a need to exercise

- Instead of holding a cigarette, hold a pen.


Most people enjoy having a drink or two, some more than others, but how much is too much? Alcohol has been around for a long time and has been the drink of choice for events such as parties, formal dinners, group gatherings etc. There are also a wide variety of alcohols:

- Liquers

- Spirits

- Wines

- Champagnes

- Alcopops

Alcohol has a varied effect on different people as well as the different states in which the people are in. i.e. if they have eaten their tolerance would increase slightly. The big question is, whether or not alcohol is deemed good or not. On health and fitness terms alcohol wouldn't be a great idea as it can cause damage to organs such as your liver if you drink too much. However research says that it is good to drink red wine in moderations as it contains antioxidants which helps reduce the chances of heart disease. So alcohol is not 100% bad for you however it is best to be taken in moderation and if possible not at all.


To conclude this report I have gathered enough information from both Mr. Colvin’s health screening and fitness testing to begin the creation of his personal fitness programme which will be finalised with him later on. We have discovered a set goal which is fat loss and lean muscle gain, to do this it is obvious through the several tests taken that he needs to work on his cardiovascular training, strength training and flexibility. We will both work towards his goals through the personal fitness programme that will be created. Overall Mr. Colvin is average if not nearly above average in terms of his general fitness.