Pine-Needle Felt

5-8 June, 2014 Leiko Uchiyama


Matsuba Felt means Pine-needles Felt in Japanese. The pine-needles spread on snow inspired Leiko many years ago during a long quiet winter in her own homeland, Hokkaido, the north island of Japan. Pine-needles Felt is very fine lacy felt and the texture changes with the way you prepare the wool, how you lay them and with different types of wool. dutch flyer online

what we will do

to join the workshops you have to know how to handle the wool and how to make felt

5 June 2014 - sample making

learning the basics of the pineneedle-technique to explore your own designs for a larger piece. Recommended to do before you take the other class!

6-7 June 2014 - large wrap with Pine-needles

Students will learn the pine-needles technique and suitable design in the large scale and important tips for making this large, very fine but strong enough as a wearable piece

8 June 2014 - beret with Pine-Needles

a reversible beret with double pine-needles on top

Who is Leiko Uchiyama?

Leiko Uchi was born in Japan. It's been almost 20 years since she has discovered felt making. She was an agricultural student and verged into textile. Feltmaking brought her discoveries about herself and created the path she has been passing through. She developped the pine-needle felt the past few years. Felt gives her great opportunities to meet people, to travel and to live at different places. She is now living in Ireland.


All workshops will be taught in English and when necessary translated in French and/or Dutch. The workshops start at 10.00 and finish at 16.30.

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