North vs. South in the 1800's

Stuart M.

Geography In The North.

Geography in the north was very humid in the summer. Thick forest covered the whole north side. Also from the layed a narrow flat plain with thin covering of rocky soil.
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Geography in the South

Geography in the south was very different then the geography in the north. They had marshes and swamps dotted along the coastal plain. Instead of having thick forest like the north they have thin pinewood trees all throughout. The south also had flat rivers. From the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia and Maryland they collected fish, oysters and crabs.
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Economy in the North

Economy in the north was based on industries. New inventions and manufactures made good more cheap. New machines and production was good wealth for people. Some of the factory owners tended to favor a strong goverment.
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Economy in the South

Economy in the south was based on agriculture. Most of white farmers only worked on their own farm instead of others. Farmers used slaves to grow cotton and make money. Also discouraged planters were buying fewer slaves. Within ten years cotton in the south was the most crop.
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Transportation in the North

Transportation in the north was railroad or canals. Most of the north was made of railroad tracks to deliver goods or receive them. The state of New York hired workers to build a 363 mile canal route. They also used boats used by steam engines. Over 2,000 miles of railroad linked all through the north.

Transportation in the South

Transportation in the south was mostly railroad and boats. In the south they used roads or canals to connect settlements. Many of these railroads came from Virginia. There most important product to ship by boat was cotton. Some railroads in the south helped the farmers ship their products up to the north. Compared to the north , the south only had 10,000 miles of railroad while the north only had 20,000 miles.
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Society in the North

Society in the north was sometimes good and sometimes bad. People in the north began to move to town or cities but some also stayed on the farm. Some cities of the north lacked sewer and also paved streets and people started to get diseases. Also most of the people were neither wealthy or powerful.
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Society in the South

Society in the south was way different than in the south. Slavery deeply impacted people in the south. Majority of the white families worked on their own fields and made themselves. Some of the church leaders had defended practices in their church. Also about 10% of the white people were too poor to afford their own land.
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