Ruby Falls

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Do you like to explore nature? Come and see!

Ruby Falls is an amazing waterfall in the United States. It is really worth visiting at least for three reasons.

The first one is its unique location and breathtaking beauty. It is found in the subterranean area of Tennessee’s Lookout Mountain, in Chattanooga. This place of interest is formed by an underground stream that is 341 metres (1120 feet) below ground. Ruby Falls is 44 metres (145 feet) tall, making it the largest underground waterfall open to visitors in America, while the cave is the deepest with public access in the United States. Ruby Falls light show takes place in the cave. It is called “Dancing water”. There are 27 lights shining on the waterfall and changing their colour. Have a look!

Best video of Ruby Falls!

Secondly, they have proved to be loving and creative. The chemist Leo Lambert, who had a fascination with caves and was trying to create a new path into the nearby Lookout Mountain Cave discovered the waterfall in 1928. ‘Ruby Falls’ was named after the wife of Leo Lambert, who was called ‘Ruby.’ That was Leo,who explored the waterfall, but he let his beloved woman's name live forever! Having been delivered in the cave by the elevator everybody enters a fairy tale. On both sides of the tourist trail there are wonderful pictures, that look like famous USA landmarks or just animals or objects. Nature had been making icicles, drops on the stones for thousands of years and they were noticed by imajinative persons, labled and lighted. You are likely to have fun!

Ruby Falls in Chattanooga

Thirdly, they are as green as grass! Ruby Falls is owned by the Steiner family of Chattanooga, Tennessee. They are keen on protecting the Environment. Ruby Falls' array of solar panels, installed by Big Frog Mountain, is capable of producing enough renewable energy to light the caves .

Whenever they save energy - or use it more efficiently – they reduce the demand for gasoline, oil, coal, and natural gas.

400000 tourists visit Ruby falls every year, but they stick to a special program : the trash is sorted out and recycled, environmentally friendly packaging is used. These facts cause respect. Their way of running nature friendly business should be studied and practised everywhere. This will do us and our home, the Earth, good.

In conclusion, it must be mentioned our Russian nature is charming. We have got splendid places of interest, there also are tourist paths in our area, but the urgent problem to be solved is pollution. We ought to stop it to preserve our fragile world for the future. The youth will have to solve it in order to survive. We believe we’ll be able to.