October 2018 (Volume 1, Number 6)

Baby, It'll Soon Be Cold Outside!

As the temperatures become less consistent during the autumn and winter months, be sure to check the weather and dress your children appropriately. Students will continue to engage in outdoor activities, including PE/athletics, recess, special classroom activities and instruction, and, for elementary students, walking to the library. Leaving a uniform-approved sweater in the backpack is a great way to address an unexpected drop in temperatures and for students to use in cooler classrooms. Hats and gloves will soon be a welcome find in your child's backpack as well.

The "Lost and Found" bins grow during these months. Encourage your students to look through them if you discover an item has gone missing. Parents visiting our campuses are also welcome to look through "Lost and Found" for their family's missing items.


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Graham Holmes: Eagle Scout. Captain of the Basketball Team. Leader.

Eleventh grade student, Graham Holmes, was featured in the August 2018 article for Frisco Style Magazine for his leadership both at school and in our local community ( In addition to running cross country, playing soccer and serving as Captain of our basketball team (for two years!), Graham achieved Eagle Scout - the highest rank in Boy Scouts of America.

A very small percentage of young men who participate in scouting ever achieve the honor of “Eagle Scout.” Scouts must first progress through the ranks of scouting, earn 21 Merit Badges, serve six months in a troop leadership position, plan, develop, and give leadership to a service project, take part in a Scoutmaster conference, and successfully complete an Eagle Scout board of review.

Given his passion for Leadership Prep School, he wanted to choose an Eagle Scout project that benefited his school.

“I tried to think of something [LPS] would need…before moving into the new building. When Mr. Ellis, an LPS dad, brought up the idea of taking down the boardwalk (behind the elementary campus) because it was something the school needed done, I jumped at it!” said Graham.

Camping is Graham’s favorite part of scouting. He enjoys the outdoors, being with friends, and engaging in activities he cannot do at home. Philmont, which is located in Cimarron, New Mexico, is his favorite place to hike. On his last trek at Philmont, he went backpacking in the mountains for 12 days. He’s looking forward to going back there next summer.

Graham credits several people with helping him along on his scouting journey. His Scout Master has led Graham since he was a Cub Scout. His Eagle Advisor helped guide him through Eagle process, and his parents have also been one of his greatest influences who encouraged him on his scouting journey.

“I couldn’t have done it without any of them. I doubt I’d be an Eagle Scout if it wasn’t for my mom. She definitely pushed me to my limits and challenged me.”

Graham says that scouting has made him a better person. He strives every day to live up to the Scout Oath to serve God, his country, and the Scout Law while helping others at all times.

Graham’s advice to younger scouts is “to never give up - whether at home, school, or in Scouts, never give up.” He acknowledges that the requirements to achieve each rank can be intimidating, especially to younger Scouts. But through hard work and determination, Graham is confident that they can accomplish anything.

Graham started his school career here in 5th grade and has attended LPS for the past seven years. His favorite attribute of LPS is our culture. “In order to have a good culture, you must not only hear about it but you must feel it,” explains Graham. “You can definitely feel the culture trickle down from the administration, to the teachers, and to the students. Most people who go here and work here use the seven habits in their daily lives.“

In addition to scouting, Graham plays sports. His favorite sport is basketball. He has also played the piano since he was four years old and continues to take lessons. Additionally, he plays tenor saxophone in the band. His other hobby is playing video games. He is currently touring colleges and plans to attend a four-year university after graduating from LPS.

LPS is the P.L.A.C.E. to be!

The mission of Leadership Prep School is to inspire students to learn, grow, and lead for a lifetime. The acronym P.L.A.C.E. summarizes the five key areas that have been selected as the focus of LPS’ vision: Parent partnership, Leadership development, Academics, Creativity and Excellence.

LPS is proud to be a Leader in Me based school that applies The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to emphasize a culture of student empowerment and help unleash each child’s full potential. Focusing on the program’s timeless leadership principles nurtures the skills students need for success in the 21st century.

Leadership Prep School is recognized as a “Computer Science Immersion School” by Code to the Future. LPS integrates programming and game design into its curriculum starting in kindergarten with more advanced computer science concepts introduced as students advance each year.

Leadership Prep School is part of the New Tech Network and partners with local businesses to engage students in project-based learning activities, which enhances critical thinking skills in order that students may become strong problem-solvers. Project-based learning methodology makes learning relevant and prepares students for the demands of the workplace.