St. E's Update

Liturgy, Religious Ed & Sacramental Prep News - Feb/Mar 2016

Who We Are and What We Do

This newsletter contains important information about our Liturgical, Religious Education and Sacramental Preparation programs for parishioners. Theresa Cox is the Liturgy Coordinator (, Anne Gaspers is the Religious Education Coordinator ( and Mary McManus is the Sacramental Preparation Coordinator ( Pictures are courtesy of our parish photographer, Gerry Prus.

Lenten Reconciliation Service will be on Tuesday, March 15th. Stations of the Cross will begin at 6pm. The Reconciliation Service will start at 6:30pm.

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Sacramental Preparation - by Mary McManus

As we move into 2016, we are excited to shift the model of our program in Sacramental Preparation. We are moving toward a home study based Sacramental Preparation model that involves parents as primary educators, and that connects families with one another through a small community of faith. Parents should cover the assigned chapters at home prior to the group sessions; we won't necessarily cover what's in the book when we all meet together. Rather, our time will be spent sharing a meal, faith sharing, giving parents tips for teaching at home, and supplementing the assigned readings.

In addition to this, as part of RCIA (the process for those who are preparing for baptism and full Communion with the Catholic Church), we will be exploring some building blocks of our faith in the coming weeks. We have a new series titled, "Why does it matter?" Please see below for more information.