Ricky Valles

Columbus Day should be celebrated

Why we should celebrate Colubus day.

Columbus Day recognizes the achievements of a great explorer who found the

first permanent European settlement in the New World. The arrival of Columbus in 1492

marks the beginning of new record that will always be part of Americas history.Columbus Day celebrates the beginning of cultural exchange between America and Europe.Columbus Day is one of America´s oldest holidays.Columbus is a huge part of history, he is even on the Pledge of allegiance.

In addition, In 1971 Columbus Day became a federal holiday in all 50 states after Congress passed a law declaring the second Monday in October Columbus Day.Columbus discovery led to the creation of the greatest nation on Earth, the United States of America. Christopher Columbus is a man worthy of honor without him this country would of never been discovered. The most surprising thing to me is that he traveled all over the world with just a boat no gps no nothing just him. That´s why i think everyone should celebrate Columbus day because of the great country that he discovered that we now live in.