Juan Ponce De Leon

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Juan Ponce De león exploration

Juan Ponce De Leon what was your first voyage? Well I always wanted to go on a journey so when I went with Columbus I was so excited to go with him when I got to Puerto Rico I stayed there and not go back to Spain. So I got permission to take over Puerto Rico for Spain and my sponsor Spain/King Ferdinand II. I went to the New World to find this "Fountain Of Youth" when I reached to the new world I named it to (Pascua De Florida) (means land of flowers). When I was looking for the Fountain Of Youth I couldn't find the Fountain Of Youth.

How I Became Government

How and who made and became government? Well I became government be king Ferdinand the second made me goverment of Puerto Rico from my bravely lead my army to Puerto Rico and king ferdinand the second made me as a captain general. When I went back to Florida the native american attacked our ship and I was shot in the leg by a bow and arrow. So my ship Members and I left to go back to Puerto Rico I died from my blood because I lost too much blood and died from the arrow.

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