The job that is the study of pathogens.

Facts about this job.

In this job you study pathogens, some biology, and the spread of diseases. It can be a dangerous job because you might have to get up close with some of natures deadliest organisms but the amazement and excitement is worth it. It is also a job in which you can truly concentrate and think. You will also get about $197K.


To get into this job you will need a Master's degree. You will also need a massive amount of knowledge because there is a ot of facts you need to know before you start this job. NOTE: THIS JOB IS NOT FOR CLUMSEY PEOPLE. IF YOU DROP A BEAKER CONTAINING EBOLA ON YOURSELF IT'S OVER!!! Yeah, I said it... Ebola.

By, me Michaella

F.A.Q. Frequently, Asked, Questions

Q. How old do you have to be before you get the job?

A. You will have to be at least 18 like most jobs.

Q. What is the danger level of this job?

A. The danger level is high because this job involves dealing with hazardous materials.

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There are many pathogens yet to be discovered. And they could be coming at any minute. Be warned or DOOM shall come... Or maybe just an itchy throat. (: Thanks to famous scientist Jean Johnson who helped discover Ebola Reston.