Our Purim Course Successes


With over 10,000 hits, our Purim videos got GREAT feedback! Check it out:

I simply do not have enough superlatives to type here to truly portray how amazing is this video series! But, I will attempt to at least skim the surface... First off, I just learned so much more to the Purim story than I ever learned in any classes before this! It made me feel more deeply connected to Purim than ever before! It made me see Queen Esther as even a greater heroine! The visual method to deliver this class was impeccable! I now hunger deeply for more such classes! It is an easy, fun - yes fun! - way to learn! I wish there was a website for these classes! I believe there would be an enormous audience for them - even reaching those who know little about Torah but they would so enjoy this class's method! Rabbi David Forhman is now one of my top favorite teachers! I am a fan!


Never I my memory has the Purim story been put together so well and so meaningfully. Thank you Rabbi for your insights and for the excellent series of videos. I look forward to seeing more of these on other topics.


I am sooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want you to know that instead of watching TV, I turned it off and am taking your classes!! I am grateful and am putting this in my Grateful Notebook!! ;-() This is me SMILING!! I will share, share, share your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just have one thing to say...

G-d Bless You or B'H"!! Can hardly wait to feast on all your classes!!!!!!! Please, never stop.


I learned that I am a descendant of Sephardim and since then, a lot of my family's history, bits of "unusual culture", etc., makes more sense to me now, so I am immersing myself as much as possible into Judaic studies so that I can get back on the right path! It's resources like these that truly are helping to bridge the gap that many of today's generation has. It saddens me to know that my generation is full of people who have no knowledge of their past, their family history, and don't even know they are Jewish.

I enjoyed getting to know other stuff about the story of Purim that I doubt I would have known or learned about if I had not taken this course. I thought everything was very interesting and I'm actually glad my teacher made us do this course.
-Talya (13)

I have listened to Rabbi Fohrman's lectures and read his book, The Beast that Crouches at the Door, but the videos add a whole new dimension to aid in learning. Great job with the graphics and illustrations. I am so thankful that I have discovered this forum for learning from Rabbi Fohrman and others at Aleph Beta Academy. Can't wait to get started on the next course!