School Newsletter- September 20th

Endeavour School - September the 20th, 2021

A Message From Mrs Campbell

Tēnā tātou katoa

It has been a great week and a half with all the staff and students settling back into school at Alert Level 2. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents and caregivers for being so patient, supportive and adaptable. Our young learners have returned to school extremely well, they’ve demonstrated resilience and flexibility in coping with a few modifications to how life at school now rolls; with a bit more sanitiser, all ages entering and exiting the school independently and everyone doing their best to practise social distancing protocols. It makes me proud that everyone has adapted so quickly and seamlessly since our return to school at Alert Level 2.

Unfortunately, as a result of Level 2 regulations, we have had to cancel our famous Endeavour tradition of Book Week and Grandparent Morning scheduled for this term. The good news is that we have been able to re-schedule Parent-Teacher Learning Conversations until next term, (dates, times and booking information to come soon).

Ngā mihi ki a koutou mō te wiki o te reo Māori (Thank you all for supporting Maori Language Week at Endeavour) Last week (Week 8) was a special week: Te wiki o te reo Māori. This has been celebrated in Aotearoa since 1975. It is an opportunity for the concentrated celebration and promotion of te reo Māori, helping to secure its future as a living, dynamic, and rich language. Our kaiako (teachers) planned exciting lessons and activities to reinforce te reo Māori with our tamariki (children); to build new knowledge of te reo Māori and also to consolidate what has already been taught. While it is fantastic to have an identified week every year to focus on te reo Māori, the challenge we have as educators in Aotearoa is to ensure that te reo Māori becomes a natural component of our everyday lives, at school, at home, and in the community. Kia kaha te reo.

Friday was definitely a “FunDay Friday” at Endeavour, full of many exciting events!

We celebrated the final day of Te wiki o te reo Māori, we managed to fit in our missed Pizza Day from before lockdown, to raise funds for our Year 5 & 6 Camp (which is coming up soon at the beginning of Term 4) and we had a Mufti Day Can Drive to support the Salvation Army Community Food Pantry. This was a massive success; in total Endeavour School was able to donate 488 items of canned food to the approximate value of $2,500!!! This will be greatly appreciated by many families in need throughout Hamilton- thank you very much to all who supported this annual Endeavour charity fundraiser.

Finally, many thanks to all the students who participated in my creative writing challenge during lockdown. I was very impressed with the creative writing skills of all the student entries. It made me giggle to read what everyone thought I had been up to from the photo.

… and the winner is… Issac Hurst, LC6!!!

Please read Isac’s account of what he thinks I’ve been up to later in this newsletter. I laughed soo hard to read I am in fact “Agent C”, a Russian/ American Secret Double Agent; Megania Snozzenoskinov who has been stealing NZ education secrets and I have orchestrated the suspicious disappearance of Mr Freke! I forwarded the essay to Marcus and he was extremely impressed! (or did I really???... maybe I am bluffing and Mr Freke is currently still imprisoned on a Pacific Island being interrogated!??)

Congratulations to all these students on being amazing Endeavour Thinkers, for entering my COVID Lockdown Creative Writing Competition. Well Done!

Hakarimata Team: Emily P, Sam S

Hangawera Team: Neev P

Taupiri Team: Ella L, Isabelle O’B, Jacob H, James N, Jason S, Joshua S, Keira V, Mia P, Minh N, Myra K

What on Earth Has Ms Campbell Been Up To Lately ? (The Mysterious Disappearance of Mr Freke)

Ms Campbell, as you may know her, is a Deputy Principal at Endeavour School, now the Acting Principal. Ms Campbell is actually a secret double agent working for Russia and America. Ms Campbell is known as Agent C in the agent world. She is actually acting as an Acting Principal, which is crazy right? It’s not for Ms – I mean Agent C, it’s her job.

Born to a Russian father and an American mother, they named her after her father’s mother – Megania Snozzenoskinov. She trained as an agent in both America and Russia while posing as a teacher.

Agent C is on her 31st mission, stealing New Zealand’s education secrets and stealing our COVID 19 response methods (she has been on this for a year now). You might be wondering how I know all this, so I’ll tell you….

One Friday I had a Kaunihera errand to run out, and had to drop something into Ms, I mean Agent C’s office, and what I saw there was shocking. On her desk sat a secret file! Wide open! Did I go away and mind my own business? No I am too curious to do that kind of thing. So driven out of curiosity I flipped through the pages and found out that Ms C was actually Agent C, and everything that I told you at the start of this story, and more.

You might think that Mr Freke has gone to the Ministry, well this is kind of true, but my research into what Ms C has been up to lately has revealed the true story behind his disappearance. Mr Freke found out that she was a secret agent because he saw her on security cameras bugging other teachers offices and writing a letter to her Russian boss in the staff room. Mr Freke also found out because he saw her in the city doing her agent stuff, like buying tiny electronic devices, and hiding Russian money in her office. At least that is what Ms C’s secret file said.

“So what DID happen to Mr Freke?”, you might be asking. Mr Freke thought he was going to a Ministry meeting in Wellington, but the plane actually went to a secret base on a Pacific island (not New Zealand). You might have guessed it already, Agent C swapped the tickets. And in the Pacific island is a Ministry of Russian Intelligence office where Mr Freke is now sitting on a beach and being questioned about what he knows.

I’m telling you this because we need to help Mr Freke out of this tricky situation. What can you do to help?

Isaac Hurst LC6

27 August 2021

PS I’m also telling you this because if I go missing, you know where to start looking.

PPS I don’t think Ms Campbell has had any time lately to do any gardening.

This was my reply to Issac:

ВОТ ЭТО ДА!!! Как хитро и коварно с твоей стороны это понять.

Я опустошен, что мое прикрытие разлетелось! Мне нужно будет предпринять дальнейшие действия.

Исаак ... тебе лучше быть осторожным ... очень осторожно!

Megania Snozzenoskinov

Upcoming Events

  • 24 September - School Photo Day
  • 24 September - Cricket and Touch Rugby Registrations Close
  • 01 October - Last Day of Term 3 + Tabloid Sports Day
  • 19-22 October - Year 5 Camp
  • 26 -29 October - Year 6 Camp

Purchase your Endeavour School hat today!

Summer is fast approaching and hats are a compulsory in Term 4 and Term 1

Please check and make sure you have one, and if not, please order a new one through the online school shop here

What's Been Happening?

Daffodil Day 2021 - Lock Down Style!

Endeavour School Daffodil Day was a little bit different for us this year because we were in lockdown!

Although we couldn’t be together at school some of our amazing students still dressed up. We’ve also had a number of donations made through our Endeavour School Daffodil Day Page.

This page will remain open until the end of the year.

Our goal is $500.00, so far we’ve reached $324.87

Thank you for all of your support!

Kylee Edwards (Acting Deputy Principal)

LC1's Teddy Bear Day!

Before lockdown LC1 had worked really hard to fill their bucket then lockdown happened!

So to start back at school on a high we had Teddy Bear day! The children were so excited about this and followed the criteria and boundaries about their bears so well.

Over the day we had many bear activities for the children to create, make and do with their bears.

The day was beary awesome!

Cross Country 2021

What a day this year’s cross country was. With an ominous storm threatening, we managed to get the whole event completed with a huge crowd watching on and the students gave it their all. The students embraced the opportunity to have lots of fun and challenge themselves to do their best. Each event was very competitive with some extremely close racing for the top spots. Thank you to all the supporters who came and watched the event and also to the staff who made the event run so smoothly.

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Salvation Army Can Drive Mufti Day

On Friday the 17th of September, we held a Funday Friday, which was a combination of a Pizza Day fundraiser for the senior school camp and a Mufti Day Can Drive for the Salvation Army. The students had a great day eating pizza and wearing their mufti clothes!

We had a great donation turn out and we were happy to be able to donate 488 cans of food to go to those in need. Thats approximately $2,500 worth of food!

Jaimee, Travis and Blake interviewed some students on the day, here is what they had to say:

"Its nice that we are donating cans to the Salvation Army. So people with out can have food."

- James N

"I like how cheesy the pizza is!" - Kaleb L

"We get to eat pizza and fundraise for the seniors to go to camp" - Elizabeth B

"I like that we can wear our own clothes and still look respectable" - Manaia N

Slick Sticks Year 1 & 2 Hockey Team

Congratulations to our Year 1 & 2 Slick Sticks Hockey team. They had a great season this year and were very excited to receive their participation awards and treats! Well done everyone! We would also like to say a big thanks to their coach Natalie, we appreciate you taking the time to coach these awesome students!
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Cheesecake Festival - Eat cake and raise money for Endeavour School!

The Cheesecake Festival Has Been Extended!

The 12th annual Smith and McKenzie Cheesecake Festival is back from the 20th of August - 25th of September, and we have entered the yummiest (at least we think so!) cheesecake on the menu!

Our school will receive a dollar from ever slice sold of our Endeavour cheesecake sold, so make sure to go and get a sugar hit and support us!

AND GUESS WHAT! You can now order cheesecake online, check out Smith & McKenzies website to order.

Smith and McKenzie are also planning on having a Family Fun Day on Sunday the 26th of September from 3pm. Alert level dependant.

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Friends of Endeavour PTA

Community Notices

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