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Kyllo vs. United States

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What is the Amendment in Question?

The Kyllo vs. United States case was fought over if using a thermal imaging camera to see inside the house without a warrant was a violation to amendment number four; the government cannot arrest a person or search their property unless there is "probable cause" or a warrant letting them to do so.

Thermal Imaging

What Do I Think?

In this case the Supreme Court , in my opinion, made the correct decision. I think this because, even though the man was doing something illegal the police had no right to use a thermal image scan with out a warrant. I believe that the camera is looking at the heat generated inside the house, making it a search. Though, I do think that Kyllo should be monitored so he doesn't grow anything illegal anymore.

I think that in this case The Supreme Court chose the wrong decision. The evidence the police found against the man was illegal and the man should have gone to jail. Although I do agree that what the police did was against the Bill of Rights but the evidence found against the man should have gotten him arrested anyways.


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