Stress Project: Bethany Hamilton

Judah Williams & Caitlin Thompson

Physical Causes of Stress

Bethany couldn't physically get herself back into the water just yet. She had to undergo surgery and the healing process. There were many things that she was unable to do other than just her sport of surfing. It cut down to the basics of everyday life, such as getting dressed or bathing yourself. Or even just trying to get yourself a snack. Bethany and her family physically had to adapt to the new style of life she was going to have to go through and that right there is stressful enough.

Mental Causes of Stress

At first, Bethany had no idea if she was ever going to be able to get back in the water again. She said that she only thought for a couple of times that she actually wouldn't. Which would basically be the end for her, because surfing is practically what this girl strives for and to be able to go out and have fun with her friends but it all changed when she lost her arm. Later on, Bethany got back in to the water and decided to try surfing again. She out all her effort into it and mentally that was stressful for her because it was something she could either be really successful at or something she just wasn't going to be able to do ever again in her life.


In the interview above it shows a talk between Bethany Hamilton and Oprah. During the interview Oprah asks Bethany if she had any pain during the shark attack. Bethany replied saying that she felt no pain at all when it happened, that she was more of in shock than anything. She said that she was thinking of how she wasn't going to be able to surf again and that was the only thing really on her mind.

Stress Reducer Techniques

Bethany used the water to cure her stresses of it all. Instead of sitting there all day moping around trying to figure out if she could ever surf again she got up, got her board, and started the process of getting back into surfing. She used her to dad to coach her, her brother would video each 'practice' they shared and let her watch her advantages and disadvantages. This helped Bethany to get better and a few weeks later she was back in surfing competitions.

Stress Infogram

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Young Surfer Who Lost an Arm in a Shark Attack Refuses to Give Up | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN