Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Emanuel Garcia 08/24/12


The short story took place in Chinatown which is located in San Fancisco, California.


Narrators mother is a Chinese immgrant who lost everything and went to the United States foi a better life, and had a great expection on her daughter, Ni Kan, to be a prodigy in her family


The story of "Two Kinds" is about an America Chinese girl, which is the narrotor, struggling to find her self in her life but her mother thniks that her daughter is a prodigy. She later thought Ni Kan was a prodigy in the piano. She made her pratice 2 hours a day with Mr. Chong to help her play with her piano skills. She later buys the narrator a piano so she can practice. At the talent show, the narrator embrassed her. Until one day after that accident, she and her mother fought but ended dramatic with the mother becuase the daughter mention stuff of the past that made the mother move to the United States. They didnt talk till Ni Kan thirty birthday when the mother gave her the piano but she didnt accepted it. She later died which the narrator got the piano and was happy that she know how to play the piano.

Internal Conflict

The narrator had problems with her mom because she always did stuff with Ni Kan, the narrator, that she didnt it like. She was want to make Ni Kan a prodigy & Ni Kan argue so much with mom because she was making her do something that she didnt feel like doing

External Conflict

After the accident at the talent show, her mother still want to her to practice with the piano, but Ni Kan didnt. So the mother argue with her. Ni Kan said that "she was dead! Like them! Which she was referring to the death of her family in China. So the mother nor the daughter never spoke to each other till Ni Kan 30 birthday.


 The theme is that family relationships can be not so great. Even though family relationship can be a drag, there still a bright side to it. Ni kan had a problem with her mom because she force her to play the piano while she didnt want to. She just want to be her self. but at the end her mother guve her the piano which later she took it after her mother death. Which she played it for the first time when she was a kid,


The piano represnted the bond that create tension between the mother and the daughter but in the end it made the daughter happy.