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Issue 9, 14 June 2019


CHANGE is one of those words that will make some of us 'shake in our boots' and others alive with excitement! We are all different and will all react to change differently but one thing is for sure, change is all around us!

Over the last two weeks our staff have been focussed on the changing world of education with a staff movie viewing of a documentary called, 'Most Likely To Succeed' and this week with three of our team joining a group of 30 Lutheran Educators on a Contemporary Learning Tour in Melbourne. Both of these opportunities highlight the importance for our students to be making real world connections in their learning, something the IB ensures is at the forefront of our pedagogy at Trinity while developing the essential 'soft skills' required for learners in todays world.

There is change happening around our college. Over recent years we have made big changes with the introduction of the IB, we have seen changes with staff, organisational aspects and changes with our facilities.

These holidays we will see more changes as we install brand new technology throughout the secondary rooms, the Library and Staffroom. We will see change as we update the play space between the Victoria and Hawthorn buildings to include synthetic grass and down ball courts. Next Semester we will also see change with the opening of a fourth Year 5/6 class. Enrolment demand for our college has increased so much that by the start of Semester 2 we will have welcomed 26 new students to Trinity so far this year! What an amazing message to our college community about how wonderful our school is!

Mrs Cherie Brown will join our super staff team in Semester 2 as the teacher of the 5/6 class. Cherie is well know to our college having completed a block of teaching here in 2019. We are so excited to have Cherie join us and know that she will bring such great skills to our staff team.

Our College will continue to change as we constantly strive to ensure the education we are providing for your children is the best it can be! Despite the change, the core of who we are at Trinity will only get stronger, we have one amazing school that we can all be so proud of!

Eloise Beveridge

Uniform Shop - Holiday Hours

As a result of feedback from our families we are excited to announce that our College uniform Shop will be open on Thursday, 11 July 2019 from 8am - 1pm. We hope this will assist families.

Five Fun Facts

End of Semester Chapel - Friday 21 June, 2:30pm

All members of the Trinity community are invited to join us for our end of semester closing Chapel in Sunset Hall, next Friday. This Chapel service is a wonderful way for our community to celebrate the semester we have had and wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday. We look forward to you joining us.

Trinity Lutheran College, where what we learn becomes a part of who we are.

Congratulations on a HUGE term!

Term 2 is notorious for many events on our calendar, NAPLAN, Deutschfest, Eisteddfod, Camps and Interschool sports! The vast majority of these events are scheduled and the dates beyond our control. Regardless of how busy the week has been our students and staff have conducted themselves with integrity and poise, they have given their best and achieved impressive results! Thank you to everyone for their efforts! A special mention also to parents and grandparents also for the support of their children with all of these activities, together, we are a true team in action!

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