Swimming's Best

Braedon A

How to swim

  1. First get in the water.
  2. Then move your arms.
  3. Then your legs.
  4. FInely your swimming.
  5. Now enjoy.


In a race you must be fast.

Enough to win a medal.Just like mike


He was born on June 30, 1985, in Baltimore, Maryland, Michael Phelps competed in his first Olympics at the age of 15, as part of the U.S. men's swim team.

He went on to win medals at the Olympic Summer Games in Athens, Beijing and London, accumulating a total of 22 medals—18 gold, two silver and two bronze—and setting the record for the most medal wins by any Olympic athlete.

Phelps announced his retirement in 2012, however, in April 2014, he announced he was coming out of retirement and would return to professional competition at the age of 28.

like Mike Phelps he won 22 medals.


If you have strength your like Jenny.she has won 12 medals.

Jennifer Elisabeth Thompson (born February 26, 1973), later known by her married name Jenny Cumpelik, is an American former competition swimmer, and one of the most decorated Olympians in history.

At age 12 she began swimming for Seacoast Swimming Association under coaches Amy and Mike Parratto, and moved to Dover at age 13.

She first appeared on the international scene as a 14-year-old in 1987, when she won the 50-meter freestyle and placed third in the 100-meter freestyle at the Pan American Games. She won her first world championship in 1991, as part of the USA's winning 4×100-meter freestyle relay team, and held the world record in the 50-meter and 100-meter freestyle when she participated in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.

Thompson attended Stanford University, and swam for the Stanford Cardinal swimming and diving team in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Pacific-10 Conference competition. She was the recipient of the 1994–95 Honda Sports Award for Swimming and Diving, recognizing her as the outstanding college female swimmer of the year.[1]


Mike and Jenny both have strategy.

After the 2008 Summer Olympics, Phelps started the Michael Phelps Foundation, which focuses on growing the sport of swimming and promoting healthier lifestyles. He continues to work with his foundation after the 2012 Olympics, which he has said would be his last. In April 2014, Phelps announced he would come out of retirement, and would enter an event later that month.

Thought to be at the height of her competitive career at the time, Thompson was expected to win up to five gold medals at those Olympic.Thompson won two gold medals as part of the 4×100-meter freestyle and 4×100-meter medley teams. Considerable controversy was raised after the 100-meter freestyle when the U.S. team speculated on the loose doping policy standards in Barcelona—at that time the event winner did not have a mandatory doping test—only the second and fourth-place finishers were tested, based on a random draw. Thompson and her teammates believed that the Olympic champion should be tested and that rule was changed a few months later when nine members of the Chinese swimming team tested positive for steroid use.