Mobile Apps

Use of Mobile Apps in a K-12 Classroom

Quizlet App

Quizlet is a free flashcard creation site which can be used to study, create or share flashcards. Users of this app can create their own flashcards or use pre-submitted flashcards. The site contains more than 6 million free sets of flashcards covering a wide range of subjects. This app provides its users with a play to play educational games, memorize vocabulary and learn on-line.

This app could be used in a K-12 setting as teachers could access this mobile app and create flashcards for their students to use in order to facilitate understanding of a particular topic or to provide extra practice and review. For example, a teacher could access this mobile app and look up Biology 30 terms. She could then set up a series of flashcards tailored to his/her students in a particular area in order for them to study for an upcoming exam. Students could also access this mobile app to play interactive games to further their understanding and test their knowledge.

Google Applications - Google Docs App

Google Docs is a web based office suite that allows its users to create and edit documents on-line while collaborating with others live. Multiple people in different places can collaborate on the same document from any computer/device with internet access.

Documents, spreadsheets and presentations can be created using Google Docs.

This app could be used in a K-12 setting in the instance when a student may be home from school because of an illness however they are still able to collaborate with their group members and contribute using Google Docs. This app also enables students who may be out of town to collaborate and work with their peers on assignments and homework.
Google Docs also enables teachers to create documents, assignments, power points, excel spreadsheets and forms and share them with their students. Using Google Docs students can access this information from kind computer or device that has internet access.
Google Docs can be used in a number of different ways, and during my research on this app I came across a great blog which outlines 70+ ways to creatively use Google Forms in the classroom. You can access this website here. Of these suggestions, I really liked the idea of getting to know your students using a Google App document. You could use the app to pose questions to your students and share the document so they can individually add in their responses. From this activity, you could really get to know your students and start to build a positive relationship with them individually.


Edmodo is a app that provides a free and safe way for students and teachers to connect and collaborate. Edmodo is designed to engage students as teachers can continue classroom discussions online, give online polls, check understanding by giving quizzes and assignments and post alerts/messages to their students at anytime.

This app could be used in a K-12 setting by the teacher creating a classroom on Edmodo and inviting their students to join. For example, Edmodo could be created by a Grade 5 teacher and help students create an account and join the on-line classroom. From there, the teacher could post upcoming reminders, polls, assignments, quizzes and open discussions so the students could continue to learn within their online network. The teacher could use a quiz to assess understanding on a particular math concept such as two-digit by two-digit multiplication or use a poll to have students vote on which novel they would rather read for their upcoming book study.

Evernote Mobile App

Evernote is a product which enables its users to remembers things, communicate effectively and get things done. Using evernote, you can keep all your notes, files and images in one place and they can be made available on every device and/or computer you use.

This tool could be used in education as a place where students can create and organize their notes for class. They can keep all their notes, images, websites in one place which they can access at any time from any device (computer, iPad, iPhone etc). Students could use this as a means to organize their school work and ensure that they do not lose anything that is important to their studies (as they can keep it all in one place).
Example: A student in a grade 10 Biology class could type all their notes into the Evernote app. This makes it easy for them to access their notes as they are stored in an organized way. The student could then access this app to scan through several days worth of notes when preparing for a quiz or exam.

Google Earth App

You can fly around the planet and explore the world, distant lands, cities, places and even browse layers including roads, borders, places, photos and more for free. This app enables its users to see an abundance of different images and places with the touch of your finger. This app can also be accessed on an any device that can download apple apps.

This app could be used in a K-12 setting when students are studying and exploring different countries and cultures. For example, students in grade 8 studying Japan could use this app to explore different images of cities within Japan. This could give students a better representation of the country and further their understanding.