Bridge Bulletin

November 11, 2022

Principal Chat

Thank you for another fabulous week with your kids!

HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY - a heartfelt thanks to all who have served and all who continue to serve!

Next week is our last week before Thanksgiving break. On Wednesday or Thursday your kiddos will bring home a "vision opt out" form. This form is printed on bright green paper. On December 12 Friends for Sight will visit Bridge and perform a vision screening on ALL students UNLESS you sign and return the OPT OUT form. We are super excited to have this organization come to our school, FREE OF CHARGE to perform this screening. The state of Utah requires only certain grades have a vision screening but Friends for Sight has agreed to screen all of our students!

FIELD DAY ENTERTAINER NEEDED - for the past two years we have had a fabulous magician provide entertainment during field day. We are looking to hire an entertainer (magic, juggling, etc.) for field day on June 3. The individual will provide six shows, 30 minutes each. Please have your fabulous contacts send me an email with details

Mark you calendars for the following days of NO SCHOOL

  • November 21 - 25 (Thanksgiving Break)
  • December 19 - January 1 (Christmas Break)
  • January 16 (Martin Luther holiday)
  • February 20 (President's Day)
  • April 3 - 7 (Spring Break)
  • May 26 (Teacher work day)
  • May 29 (Memorial day)

Upcoming Events

  • New shirt order opened and closes November 25 (information below)
  • PBS Reading Marathon (FREE Adventure Pass - information below)
  • Book Fair November 14 - 18, 3:30 - 5:00 pm
  • Yearbook Orders Now Open (see information below)
  • Ballet with Aliens (4th - 6th) December 2, 9:30 am
  • Schoolwide Vision Screening - December 12
  • FREE Classic Skate Night, Wednesday January 11, 5 - 8 pm
  • Middle of Year Progress Reports - February 3

Please keep reading for more information about this past week and information for the upcoming week.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Lani Rounds


Visible Learning Trait - THOROUGHNESS

Each week students attend a Visible Learning class to learn about traits of a GOOD LEARNER. Next week students will be learning about THOROUGHNESS. Taking care of details and doing my best.

Please talk to your child about the importance of being thorough and then recognize when they are are being thorough at home.

Our mission is personalized learning but also to teach kids to be accountable and take ownership of their own learning. Learning to be flexible is a trait they can use well beyond their time at Bridge.

Solid Instruction Aligned with Research - High Effect Sizes

At Bridge, our students participate in instructional activities that are identified as having a very high "effect size" when compared to other practices. Effect size is the amount of positive impact an instructional practice has on student learning. Some of the practices at Bridge with high effect sizes include:

  • Student / teacher connections
  • Goal setting
  • Adaptive computer-aided instruction
  • Immediate feedback
  • Small group instruction
  • Teaching traits of a good learner
  • Collective teacher efficacy

You can find more about the effect sizes in an educational setting by reviewing the Visible Learning research conducted by John Hattie and others.


Veteran's Day

Today, throughout the school, students learned about different branches of the military and the importance of veterans and our military in our country.

State Visitors at Bridge

Last month we were visited by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) Literacy Team. They were super impressed by what we are doing at Bridge, especially in terms of literacy with small group instruction, Imagine Learning literacy and P90 (1st - 3rd). The Literacy Team shared their information with other members at USBE which prompted the state's Personalized Competency Based Learning (PCBL) team to schedule a visit.

On Thursday, the PCBL team toured Bridge for three hours watching our kids engaged in learning! We LOVE having visitors at Bridge that are able and willing to provide us with constructive feedback to help us improve our practices.

The Ballots are In

In 4th grade students learned about the voting process and THEN got to cast their own votes. First they voted to determine WHAT they wanted to earn when their class reached 50 points. The options were Pie in the Face, Glow Party and Extra Recess. The winning vote was "Pie in the Face" for teachers or paras.

The next vote was WHICH individuals will get a pie in the face? The top three winners were Mrs. Arboleya, Mrs. Wilson and Ms. Bloxham. Once the students earn 50 class points (these are earned for quiet transitions, work completion, etc.) the three "lucky" ladies will get a pie in the face!

Back by Popular Demand - ANOTHER Shirt Order

We have opened another shirt order. The order closes Friday, November 25. These shirts will be delivered to your home in December. We anticipate selling fewer shirts this time so the shirts may be a little more expensive than in our previous order. There is also a fee to ship to your home. Shipping to the school is NOT an option for this order.

REMEMBER - youth sizes are preceded by "Y". A size of YS is youth small whereas an S is an adult small. We do NOT have the ability to exchange or refund shirts.

The link to place your shirt order is:

Negative Lunch Balances - PLEASE Help

After just a couple months of school our negative lunch balance is already -$3,245. This is money that the school must find in our budget to cover the balance. The USDA and state provide money to help subsidize school meals; however, we can NOT use any of that money to cover the arrears. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do all you can to keep your student's lunch balances in the positive. You can check your child's lunch balance through Aspire, plus, Chef Dave sends an email home every week.

It is NOT too late to apply for Free/Reduced meals for any meals going forward. You simply login to Aspire and use the FREE REDUCED MEAL APPLICATION on the right side to complete the form. If you need help accessing Aspire you can find information on our website or by calling the office at (801)499-5180.


If you want to donate to help cover these negative balances, you can drop money off at the office and ask that it is put in the HAPPY GO LUCKY account. This is a lunch donation account. At the end of the year we use the funds to help pay off the negative balances.

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Book Fair November 14 - 18

Our Book Fair will be held in the library, November 14 - 18, 3:30 - 5:00 pm. Every purchase earns Bridge points to buy additional books for the school library.

FFVP (Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program)

As most of you know, we are super lucky to have received a grant allowing our kids to participate in the FFVP offered by USDA. This week our kiddos got to try the long awaited LUCY APPLE! Ask you students about how absolutely YUMMY this apple was!

Recess in Winter

Yep, it's time to buy new winter boots, pull out the warm coats and find the two gloves to make a pair. At Bridge, your kids WILL be outside for recess when the "feels like" temperature (according to the Roy weather station and is at least 20F. If it is really wet or windy students may stay inside for recess. If you need your child to remain inside for recess for medical reasons, please contact your child's teacher. If your child has an IEP or 504 that provides special accommodations for recess during the winter, please remind your child's teacher.

SNOW ON THE GROUND - please remind your kiddos that snow remains ON THE GROUND. Students who choose to throw snow, flip snow, etc. will have some restorative justice during recess such as sweeping up bark or moving gravel off the scooter path. Yes this is harsh and cruel since everyone loves throwing snowballs EXCEPT the kiddos who are hit with the snowballs.

Lost & Found Growing Ever Larger

The Lost & Found has doubled in size since last week. Take some time to go through the bin to find your child's missing items.

PLEASE write your child's name on all of their coats, hoodies, hats, gloves, lunch boxes, water bottles, etc. Basically, anything they can set down and lose should have a name attached. This is the current Lost & Found. It sits outside under the front portico so parents can access it morning, noon, night and the weekends.

Every couple of weeks we bag everything up and donate it. We would hate to send away your child's brand new jacket BUT if we don't know who it belongs to we can't get it to the correct owner.

FREE Uniform Swap Table

There is a table under our front portico on which parents have put uniform appropriate clothing their children no longer need. You are welcome to give and take as much as you would like. PLEASE only place uniform clothing on this table (black or tan pants, plain colored polo shirts or Bridge shirts). This is NOT a table to place all the things you should be taking to the DI or another donation site. Somebody recently dropped of several, very nice button-up front shirts. These are NOT part of the Bridge uniform. We have put them in our donation bag to which we will add the remaining lost and found items in a couple of weeks.

When leaving or taking clothes, please try and keep them folded nicely. Our staff spend a lot of time just straightening up the table.

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1st Grade Teachers

Julie Jensen - Julie has a bachelor's degree in Integrated studies with an emphasis in child development and social work from Utah State University. Prior to coming to Bridge, Ms. Jensen helped families and children at a domestic violence shelter. Ms. Jensen is a mother of three, two boys and one girl. She loves spending time with her children, camping, trips, family games and she also loves to read.

Kaylie Langhaim - Mrs. Langhaim graduated from Weber State with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She is currently working on her master's degree in education. Prior to working at Bridge, Mrs. Langhaim worked for the Weber County Library. Mrs. Langhaim loves to read, play board games, do puzzles, and spend time with her husband.

Barbara Wangsgard - Ms. Wangsgard has a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from Weber State University. She taught preschool with Head Start for 16 years before joining the team here at Bridge. Ms. Wangsgard likes to read, sing along with the radio, road trips, and family game night.


As required by law, Bridge has a Bullying and Hazing policy. This was recently updated and approved by the Bridge Board of Directors at our recent Board meeting. You can find the policy on our website at:

Updates to the policy require that students and teachers receive information about bullying and the prevention of bullying. Additionally, a bullying "point person" must be identified. Stacey Archuleta, our At-Risk Programs Coordinator, is the appointed individual at the school to bring your bullying concerns to in the event the issues have not been addressed by your child's teacher.

Teachers have received training information regarding bullying and students will have videos and discussions about bullying over the next little while.

The information below comes from This site also has a great number of resources for parents.

What Is Bullying?

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Both kids who are bullied and who bully others may have serious, lasting problems.

In order to be considered bullying, the behavior must be aggressive and include:

  • An Imbalance of Power: Kids who bully use their power—such as physical strength, access to embarrassing information, or popularity—to control or harm others. Power imbalances can change over time and in different situations, even if they involve the same people.
  • Repetition: Bullying behaviors happen more than once or have the potential to happen more than once.

Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.

Recently, Utah State Board of Education released Resolution 2021-01 in which they stated, "We call on ourselves and on people everywhere to abandon attitudes of prejudice against any group, to take action to create and maintain an environment of dignity and respect for all, and to strive for understanding. We commit to learn from the past but will focus our efforts on building a bright and equitable future."

We will work together with teachers, parents, staff and students to ensure Bridge is a place where ALL kids feel safe and supported and are provided equitable opportunities to success.

This is a link to the USBE Resolution 2021-21

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PBS Reading Marathon - November


Challenge your kids, preschool through sixth grade, to read 20 minutes each day during the month of November. There is no need register before beginning the Reading Marathon! Simply, use the link below to download your log and keep track of your reading minutes each day. At the end of November, return to the PBS webpage using the link below and input your minutes to receive your Adventure Pass!

How the Adventure Pass Works

  • The Adventure Pass includes tickets and coupons to your favorite museums, zoos, and activities around town.
  • The Adventure Pass is valid different months in 2023. Most are valid the whole year..
  • Child must complete the Reading Marathon and be between preschool – 6th grade.
  • Adults and other family members who do not have an Adventure Pass will pay regular admission prices.
  • The Adventure Pass can only be used one time at each location.

Adventure Pass Partners!

Clark Planetarium
Discovery Gateway
Intermountain Therapy Animals
Natural History Museum of Utah
Ogden Nature Center
Red Butte Garden
Salt Lake City Public Library
Thanksgiving Point
Tracy Aviary
USU Prehistoric Museum in Price
Bean Life Science Museum
Hogle Zoo


Yearbook Orders

The yearbook can now be ordered, online. Orders are not taken at the school. Yearbooks will not be available at the school for sale. The cost is $15. You can also find the order information on our website at:

Code = BridgeES

Pre Pay code = BridgeYB23


Power Chess Spring Sign Up

Power Chess will once again rent space from Bridge for Spring 2023 for the Friday, 1:30 - 2:30 program. Registration is now open.

Power Chess Registration

Online Lunch Payments

Lunch payments can be made online or in the front office using cash or check. Payments made in the front office are posted immediately in Aspire. Online payments are not immediately updated in Aspire.

When payments are made online we must complete several steps to get the payments moved to Aspire. We do this every Monday and Wednesday. After we run the online report it takes another day for the money to post to your student's Aspire account. Please allow 3 - 5 days from the day you make the online payment to the day the information posts in Aspire.

The link to make payments online is found on our website by selecting the MEALS icon.


We LOVE parent and grand parent volunteers at school! If you would like to volunteer, please check with your child's teachers. If you want to volunteer but aren't excited about coming into the school, we have LOTS of opportunity for outside volunteer work including:

  • Cutting Watch Me Learn tickets (stop by the office)
  • Pulling weeds in the rock areas and park strips (we have all the area in front of the school and up 4800 S along the school fence).
  • Using rakes and shovels to redistribute the gravel from the bottom of the retention area in front of the school to the top area to cover the black landscape screen.
  • Parking lot duty before and after school (just check in at the office, put on a yellow vest and talk to Travis in the crosswalk for instructions)

After you have volunteered please enter your hours in our volunteer form on our website:

Once your family has logged 30 volunteer hours they will have a frog put into our Volunteer Pond in the foyer.

If you want to volunteer but do not have the time, you can donate $90 to cover the 30 hours. If you choose to donate, complete the volunteer form. You can donate in the office or by using our DONATE icon on the home page of our website.

Excuse an Absence

Absences MUST be excused within 24 hours of the absence. You can do this by leaving a message on the Attendance line at school (801)499-5180 or by using the Excuse Absence online form. You can find this on our website by clicking on the Excuse Absence icon or using the link below:


Title I

Title I was initially passed in 1965 under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). It is the largest federal assistance program for public schools. These supplemental funds provide students the opportunity to receive a fair, equitable and high-quality education to help close achievement gaps.

Bridge Elementary receives our Title I funding based on the percentage of students that qualify for free or reduced lunch. For this reason we encourage ALL families to apply for Free/Reduced lunch through Aspire to ensure every single student receives the services needed, including access to free or reduced meals if appropriate.

Title I provides avenues for parent input and participation. We do this through our surveys and the link to the form on our website which allows parents to submit questions and suggestions.

You can find more information about Title I as well as a form to ask questions or provide suggestions regarding Title I, on our website at:

Who to Contact for What

Principal - Lani Rounds -

At-Risk Programs Coordinator - Stacey Archuleta -

  • Morning Supervision and BASE
  • Behavior including Bullying
  • 504 Plans

Lead Secretary - Lalani Williams -

  • Aspire
  • Lottery
  • Registration

School Nurse - Vicki Ross -

Special Education

Diane Nelson Lead SpED Teacher -

Julie Christensen SpED Director -

ELL Coordinator - Nichol Lloyd -

Meal Issues - Jodi Jensen -

Classroom Teachers - see website -

  • Daily activities for your child
  • Student progress
  • Questions about student schedule

About Bridge Elementary Charter

The mission of Bridge Elementary is to provide students with a personalized learning experience and empower them to take personal ownership and accountability for their own academic performance.