The Beautiful Side of Life the midst of quarantine ... Part II

Week II

Welcome to Week II of the Quarantined Life!

For me, it's been a reminder of the simpler things in life. Remembering to appreciate the things that I neglect to see when life is busily passing me by. I know in some ways life has been quieter for a lot of us, yet busier in other ways. Learning to do distance learning, learning to appreciate the people in our homes that we are now doing 24/7 life with, and re-learning how to do the normal.

There is a song lyric that says "I don't want to survive, I want to live." Are we just surviving day to day, trying to get by, or are we taking the time to really live? Maybe it looks different for a few weeks, but we still get to dream big, we still get to plan for the future, and we still get to make changes to our lives that will make for a better tomorrow.

Keep going guys ... we are going to get through this!

30 Day Fitness Challenge

It starts TODAY! April 1st (...this is not an April Fools joke ...!)
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How well do we really know them?

We spend all day with them (and for a lot of you, probably more now than ever!), but how well do we really know our parents/grandparents/guardians? Grab these interview questions and spend some quality time getting to know the ones who are raising you!

Lockdown Sparking Weird Food Combos

Your Daily Dose of Good News

Heartwarming stories of gratitude, incredible generosity, students creating collaborative virtual music videos, and a man who ran a half marathon for charity on his balcony (5,000 laps back and forth ... whaaaa?) ... check out your daily dose of positive news in the midst of all the chaos:

Today's reggae reminder

Every little thing is gonna be alright :)
Three Little Birds (1977) - Bob Marley & The Wailers
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