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April 26th - May 8th Newsletter

Our McKinley students are engaged and learning from home. Take a look at what is happening at MKS at Home!

Now Enrolling Tiger's for the 2020-2021 School Year!

Now enrolling new student's for the 2020-2021 school year.

Please verify McKinley is your homeschool at K-12 School Locator Here

Can I enroll my child in to Transitional Kindergarten/Kindergarten?

Your child MUST be 5 years of age by December 2, 2020 to qualify for Transitional Kinder or Kindergarten.

My child will be 5 years old by December 2020. Do I enroll in Transitional Kinder (TK) or Kindergarten?

Transitional Kinder:

Your child's birthdate must be from September 2, 2015 through December 2, 2015


Your child's birthdate must be from September 2, 2014 through September 1, 2015

Tiger's Enroll Here

Online Registration for New Students to PUSD or New Students to a School Site (TK-12)

  • If your student has an IEP with SDC services, please contact the Special Education Department first. Click here for contact information.
  1. Include the following documents at the time of registration:

  • Your child’s birth certificate (copy)

  • Your child’s most recent immunization record (copy)

  • Transcripts or report card for middle & high school students only (copy)

Two proofs of residency (copies):

  • Recent gas, electric or water bill in parent/guardian's name

  • A deed of trust, mortgage payment receipt, rental receipt with a copy of the lease agreement, or a property tax bill in parent/guardian's name

For School Registrar Information select here

  1. If you are unable to complete online enrollment, you may mail registration form and documentation to Enrollment Permits & Student Records, 351 S. Hudson Avenue Room 123, Pasadena CA 91101 or Fax to (626) 795-9530. Please contact District Registrar, Annie Jananian before mailing or faxing documents. To obtain registration forms, select here: English form and Spanish form.

Note: Only legal parent/guardian may enroll a student. All documentation will be verified by staff before enrollment process is completed.

Our Roaring Tigers Making a Difference!

Big picture

Roxanne Chacon and her sisters supporting those who are working the frontlines

Big picture

Madison White baked her neighborhood cupcakes for her passion project! She sanitized them and delivered them to bring some joy to those around her!

Congratulations Roaring Tigers!

Big picture

Audrey Bonavich

Asher Bushek

Liam Chingcuango

Karina Delgado

Christian Diaz

Aiden Eastman

Michael Harmon

Joseph Henry

Eunseo Kim

Jude Kim

Saira Mariam

Jazlene Negrete

Natalia Reyes

Marc Ruballos

Hakyoung Seo

Zoe Stohler

Zoei Swarts

Rylan Thomas

Kevin Umana

Valerie Vazquez

Kor'Dae Ware

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April Birthday's!

TK - 5

Esmeralda Arredondo

James Borncamp

Bree Bradford

Nicolas Cabral

Luna Paz

Natalia Reyes

Christopher Salinas

Harper Zimon


Jaslene Castro Palma

Landon Hall

Jazmin Jaquez

May Birthday's!

TK - 5

Quincy Bass

Pushkal Bonam

Eddie Cantero

Angel Cisneros-Ruiz

Sergio Ruballos

Liam Sanchez

Edgar Serrano

Diego Umanzor

Jayden Vazquez

Ye-Sung Woo


Lans Eisen Castillo

Cecilia Contreras

Rhianna De Leon

Lawson Hall

Andrew Johnson

Melody Llanos

Jancarlo Martinez-Rodriguez

Brandon Morales

Andrew Palomares

Arianna Ramras

Rayshon Robert

Genesis Torres

Did you see familiar faces last week...

Big picture

Ms. Chan, Ms. Dave, & Ms. Partma visits some of our students!

Mrs. Valdez's Class

Maddan Cook

Using the vocabulary of the week to create an art piece
Big picture

Mrs. Sandoval's Class

Mrs. Sandoval's class have been learning about insects and how they are vital to plant pollination. Eva and Lucia are showing their drawings of flowers and insects for our insect unit. Bailee and Isabella are showing their writing journal and all the hard work they have been doing in writing. Kathryn is explaining the difference between complete and incomplete metamorphosis. Awesome work Pandas!
Big picture

Mrs. Strehl's Class!

TK has been learning about the parts of a plant and how plants grow. We even found seeds in the fruit and vegetables at our house and planted them. We will watch them grow. Our next area of study will be on insects. We will learn about good bugs and bad bugs, The parts of a bug and where they live.

Ms. Goethel's Class!

Big picture

Roxanne Chacon watching a video on blending and doing work as instructed

Mrs. Tovar's Class

7th grade students getting ready for a Jam Session on Surface Area in Prisms!

Big picture
Big picture

Mrs. Beale's Class

Every Friday Mrs. Beale's class does art. Below is Jeweliana Rico with her art project on the element of line in art.

Big picture

Federico Calchi working on his online art lesson

Big picture

Pushkal Bonham's self-portrait

Big picture

Mrs. Totaro's Class

Big picture

Everett showing appreciation to his teachers!

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Ramona’s pattern project

Our students did land/nature art. They explored the elements found in poetry and art:rhythm, pattern, movement...

Mrs. Choi's Class

Students are learning about animals for science and they completed a DIY project or drew a picture of an animal and their habitat.

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Big picture

Mrs. Wood's Class

Big picture

Student's drew sunflower art for Mother's Day

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Mrs. Bergman's Class

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Mia from Mrs. Bergman's class and her family participated in a rally to support hospital workers including respiratory therapists. Their mom, Monica, is a Respiratory Therapist working at the hospital.

Ms. Dave's Class

Ms Dave’s class is completing the year with a Chefs Creation Project. The students are required to make a recipe notebook and become Chefs.

They have made some outstanding dishes. Check it out!

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Important Contact Information

Tech Help

626 396 3600 ext. 88830 OR HELPDESK@PUSD.US

Teacher E-mail

Families in Need

For families or students experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, contact the PUSD Center for Student & Family Services - Families in Transition

626-396-5782 office / 626-720-2476 cell /