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For Your Pampered Pooch

Less Stress for Your Pet

In my home I will care for your pet with a tender loving touch and as if they were my own. Here they will be groomed in a comfortable less stressful environment and after their groom, they are free to "hang around" and play with my pets while they wait for mom or dad to pick them up.

sPaw Services

Extra charges

There will be an extra charge for:

  • dematting that takes longer than 10 min
  • grooming dogs with large amounts of coat

Come see me!

Mon - Fri


Jennie Collins


CASH, CHECK OR CREDIT CARD ACCEPTED (up to $2 charge for credit cards)

Contact Information

Call, Text, or E-mail me to schedule your pets next grooming. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Facebook page

Go to my facebook group "The sPaw" to see fun pics of your fur kids on their sPaw day!