Visible Light

Paola Patino Physics Period 8

Visible Light

  • What Is Visible Light?
  • Visible Light is an Electromagnetic Radiation with a wavelength visible to the human eye.
  • What is the Wave Range?
  • This visible light region consists of a spectrum of wavelengths that range from approximately 700 nanometers (abbreviated nm) to approximately 400 nm. Expressed in more familiar units, the range of wavelengths extends from 7 x 10-7 meter to 4 x 10-7 meter. This narrow band of visible light is affectionately known as


More on Visible Light

The Speed of light in a vacuum depends on the colors that are absorbed. On the left there is a diagram that shows the different speeds for the different colors Red being 700 Nanometers and Violet being only 400 nanometers

Astronomers Detect Visible Light From Black Hole for First Time

In this article it reads that Visible Light was seen from a black hole. This is an amazing discovery made by astronomers, below is a video that visually demonstrates what it looked like. Basically both the article and video express that there was light surrounding the black hole. This discovery is significant because nothing can get out of the black, meaning Anything falling into black holes cannot escape, not even light, earning black holes their name. Finding light surrounding or flickering around the black hole is a big thing because astronomers having so much knowledge on the black hole one would assume that the light would have vanished or had been sucked into the black hole.

What is Visible Light Video

The video summarizes what light waves are and how they work to make color apparent. It also talks about how light travels and how fast it travels. Using this information colors are explained in different situations and the reason behind why we can see certain colors.
What is Light?