Cyber Bullying

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cyber Bullying

This a picture of a girl that looks like she might have been crying. She may have been cyber bullied, which is something that is happening to many young people around the world. The way you can stop this is by sticking up for people whenever you see someone misstreating that person. People bully other people because they have problems of their own and by bullying others they try to make themselves feel better. Bullies also do what they do because they are jealous of others and they want to be popular. Rember, stop cybe bullying now


The way you can stop cyber bullying today is by standing up for people online.Many people get bullied today online which causes the people getting bullied to comment to some deadly thoughts.Also we can stop this by monerting conversations,if it was possible for when someone is being bullied online or using some sort of tech to bully people so if there was a program so they can monitor conversations of when someone is being bullied.


Almost 601,000 people get cyber bullied in the world,this shows that to many people get cyber bullied today,if it was possible that someone got cyber bullied every second and every time they were cyber bullied they get one dollar the would be a million air because they get cyber bullied, According to my research every 0.33 seconds someone gets cyber bullied

Act of kindness

The way you can show an act of kindness today is by standing up to the bully and spreading kindness to others another great way you can do this is by asking a kid on the side that no one likes to play,what you can do is ask the person to play with you seat with him at lunch
Cyber Bullying Virus
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