Moon Conspiracy

Garrett Sherrill

We didnt land on the moon.

There is more evidence of the US not landing on the moon than there is evidence of us landing on the moon. This has brought up many people questioning if we have ever landed on the moon.

Background Info/ Why people know its fake

10-The waving Flag

9-lack of impact crater

8-multiple light sources

7-van allen radiation belt

6-unexplained object

5-slow motion walking and hidden cables

4-lack of stars

3-the "C"Rock

2- layered cross airs

1-duplicate backdrop

Who was involved?

The Government, astronauts and some people high up in NASA most likely. We cant know for sure who was directly involved, but we know do know that we didn't land on the moon.

Why did they do it?

Most people believe they did it so they can win the space race over Russia. Russia had already sent a satellite into space before us, which scared the whole nation.

Ways the media portrayed it

The media portrayed this as, we landed on the moon and won the space race. . Also some portrayed this as a hoax and we didn't land on the moon. They believe this because the lack of evidence that we did.

Types of biases used

There was omission bias found in some cases, they thought the government had hurt the US by lying to us, the government has also lost trust to some people because of this situation. Then there was other people who let there emotions get in the way of the truth, this is called impact bias. There emotions lead them to believe that the government would never lie to them about something this big.


The most important one to me, is historical. In history, it says we landed on the moon, when we really didn't.

The next one might be debatable to some people, but i think it leads more to marxist criticism. The United States beat Russia to the moon, they are the have not.


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