French Advertisements

By: Nik Meister

Section 1

What is advertising: The activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services.

What are different methods of advertising in France: Show off its reliability, point out a specific benefit, present scientific results, to praise its excellence and superiority, etc.

How do advertising and marketing improve the quality of life: Through transformational advertising by making the product more fun, more glamorous, more exciting, warmer, richer, and more satisfying

How do they influence us: Through information, brand recognition, and valuation.

How does the seller convince his/her client to buy the product: The usage of vivid language, avoiding jargon, keep the list of benefits short, make the benefits concrete meaning that they "stick in your mind".

Different brands of French daily routine products

Section 3

What is the product: French toast crunch and Croque pain dore

The target audience: Anyone

The goal or message: To get people to buy this cereal

What makes it interesting: the bright vibrant colors

Section 4

What is the product: L'Oreal

The target audience: Women

The goal or message: To get women to buy this shampoo

What makes it interesting: Blake Lively

Blake Lively L'Oreal Commercial