Team Newsletter

Alright ladies!

April is the perfect time to keep building on your business or restart it, especially with the new requirements in place.

*Remember to plug into the training in 'Behind The Counter' and reach out to myself or your mentor with any help getting started! The modules don't take very long- and you will learn a LOT!

*Write your 100 person list! You will look back on this for the entire first year with Beautycounter. Write down everyone that comes to your mind when you think of health, safe beauty- and when you are looking for 'work' to do to help make your month a success reach out to a couple people on your list!

*Set aside time to learn. It's not that difficult- but it does take a little time. Give yourself a few hours a week at the beginning devoted to learning Beautycounter- you joined- now let's build you a business!

If you are brand new- ride the excitement you have- share the information you have learned about product safety that drove you to Beautycounter with those in your life and you will find new customers everywhere! Set a goal for your first full month- and let's crush it!

Have fun- don't stress- there is a learning curve with Behind The Counter- and with learning product ingredients/ect- you don't have to know everything to start selling- get out there and give it a shot!

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Start the Month!


Don't you hate it when you wake up on the first day of the month and you know that when you go onto 'Behind The Counter' there's going to be nothing but zero's on the Performance page.

You're totally nodding your head, huh?

I guess the only good thing about seeing those zero's is that you probably don't like the feeling that it gives you, so the best thing to do is to do something about it, right? I'm going to give you a quick timeline/schedule of how I like to run my month so that you always know that activity is coming...

Week 1 and 2: Get Face Kits into people's hands and book/hold a social.

Look at your 100 person list and see who you think would enjoy using our products. I wouldn't text them or call them and say "Would you like to borrow a face kit for a couple days?" It's too easy for them to say "no." Instead say something like "I just got my face kits back so why don't I drop one off to you for a few days. I think you'll really like it and it'll be fun for you to have stuff to test out."

Make is a point to reach out to 2 people every. single. day. Whether it's a potential consultant, checking in with a customer- or reaching out to someone new.

Get a partner and hold each other accountable for your reachouts- I promise it will pay off in your monthly sales!

Week 3: Update your 100 person list. Make sure you're feeling good for the month. If you feel like you're lacking in some way, you still have time to make things happen. Set your goal and reach out if you need help reaching it!

Week 4: Concentrate on last minute sales. SO much time left in the month- and this is the week when we always generate the most sales. Work hard and your paycheck will be the payoff! This is when I send out my reorder email.

A reorder email looks something like:
Subject: Beautycounter
Hi --, I'm sending out a quick reminder to have you check your product levels so we can get a reorder in before you run out. If you can't see how much is left, our product will typically last about 12 weeks. I hope you've been loving Beautycounter and we really appreciate your loyalty! If I can help you out in any way, please let me know!

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Isn't that the TRUTH!

Please try not to focus on knowing EVERYTHING or have EVERY product before you do ANYTHING with your business, you will not make any progress! I remember feeling like I needed to learn more before I could do much, I was so WRONG! I promise you if you even just take in small nuggets of info you will be so glad you did!


When you put on a birth control patch, it prevents you from having a baby. When you put on a Nicotine patch, it curbs your cravings for a cigarette. When you put on an ADHD patch, it helps a person focus. So what really happens when you put on 12+ things a day with hundreds of ingredients?

Remember the reason behind this company and products- this company is reputable, honest and we have all the tools needed to build ourselves a very successful and long lasting business with Beautycounter- stand behind the mission and share!

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This month is the PERFECT time for ladies to switch some of their makeup (US Consultants only- Canada it will be there soon!!)- we all want fresh- fun spring colors! Show ladies the beautiful colors we offer- and make sure you tell them how our makeup differs from everything else out there!

Use the EWG Skin Deep website- and show potential customers/friends what is hiding in the makeup they are currently using- it's very eye opening.

Also- our sunscreen is a great product to push this month! It smells like oranges and lemons. Check out the FAQs on sunscreen Behind the Counter!

Many sunscreens use chemical sun blockers like oxybenzone, which soaks through skin, triggers allergic skin reactions, and may be a hormone disruptor. Protect All Over uses non-nano zinc oxide, which is an effective, natural, and safe mineral sun blocker.

Remember to lead with our mission and let's have a great month!

Have fun- plant seeds- spread the Beautycounter love- and please reach out with any and all questions or if you would like help coming up with a plan and reaching your goal this month!

Kristin Nightingale

Educator + Director