South East United States.

How has population Grown in the South East?

What Is South Eastern United States?

When you hear people talk about South eastern Unites states, they usually think of Florida and the states around it. They're right in some way, But the south eastern part of the united states expands all the way to Texas.

The states that are in the south east of the U.S. are Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, North Caroline, Virginia, West Virginia, and, Texas, and Ohio.

How have warm climates and rich soil affected vegetation in the South?

Due to the South's Location closer to the equator the states around that area tend to be warmer than the states that are North. Due to this, the weather system that moves North away from the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea bring enough precipitation to most of the region. Due to the plentiful amount of rain in this region, the wet climate has produce marshy areas with thick forests of pine and other trees, or a marshy strand of Mangrove trees.

What key natural resources have influenced industrial development?

In the 1840's People began to build textile mills that were powered by the fast flowing streams of the Piedmont section of the Carolina's. These mills were built on Fall lines, an imaginary line that lies between the Appalachian mountains and the Atlantic Coastal Plains. This is usually where Rivers and streams create Waterfalls and Rapids where the plateaus rise.

How have changes in the south lead to the growth of Cities?

Due to the fact that people are building things like steam Boats, and making transportation easier and cheaper, people are starting to move to South Eastern Unites States. The reason why people are starting to move there is because the creation of steamboats is making transporting things easier and more efficient.

During the 1970's the Southern population began to grow in a number more than that of any other region of the Country by about 7 million, or about 20 percent. By 1990, the largest places in the US were located in the South. Huston, Dallas, and San Antonio; and by 1995, Texas was the second, next to California for the most populated .