IT Program News

Carteret Community College December 2016

Welcome to the December issue of the IT Program Newsletter. It has been a busy time winding down the semester. We look forward to another great semester starting in January.

Spring Registration

Registration for spring classes is open! Want to see what is offered? Click on the Spring Schedule or Search for Sections in WebAdvisor. Some courses fill quickly so don't delay! If you have any questions, please contact your academic advisor.

Transfer to ECU

Interesting in continuing your education after completing your degree at CCC? East Carolina has an Industrial Technology Transfer program for community college students completing an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree. For IT and HBI majors, ECU offers an Information & Computer Technology concentration and a Health Information Technology concentration. For more information visit ECU website or contact your CCC advisor.

Student Spotlight

David Kirk

This month's student spotlight is on David Kirk. David came to Carteret Community College to obtain skills for a new career. Here is a little bit about his journey in his own words:

Nobody has ever been more intimidated by the idea of computer technology than I was. While starting out as the most unlikely candidate for success, in my mind, along with others, in the spring of 2013, at the age of 55, I began the grueling task of becoming a college student. You may have heard the adage “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Well, clearly someone forgot to tell that to the faculty and staff at Carteret Community College.

I had little to no experience with computers and had even vowed in the past that I would never succumb to the new world order of change! You may have heard another old adage “never say never”, well I was now learning the true meaning of the phrase, and was about to eat lots of humble pie. You see, not only did I have to learn to use the computer on the level of any other student, I had enrolled in Computer Information Technology.

Early on it was quite obvious to everyone in the room that I was overwhelmed. I had done many jobs before, with none getting the best of me. Suddenly it seemed there were so many witnesses to so many of my weaknesses. I was used to being in control. Now, by circumstance I was in a spiral and at the mercy of the matrix. Facing fears and foes (most of which were in my own head) I stayed the course. All the while, there were real forces at work at the college assuring my success.

Now, in 2016, I have an Associate in Applied Sciences in Healthcare Business Informatics as well as CompTIA Security+ and Network+ certifications. I anticipate graduating this spring with an IT degree, hopefully accompanied with a CCENT certification. I owe this accomplishment to many people. Some who were complete strangers, others who are friends and family. With respect to my scholastic achievements I hold enormous gratitude for each and every instructor, tutor, staff member and student at Carteret Community College that selflessly gave their time and energy toward my effort. My name is David Kirk and I love computers!

Important Dates

College closed: December 26-January 2

Late Advising and Registration for Spring: January 3-4

Spring Tuition payment deadline: January 4 at 7:00 pm

Classes begin: January 9

College Closed: January 16