The Singley Street Journal

September 25th, 2015

Thank You!

Thank you to all the families who attended "Back-to-School Night" last week. I enjoyed seeing so many of you again! The information in the packet is a great reference to use throughout the school year.


1. Library is on Day 5. This is a great time for students to get books for home and school.

2. Please go through and empty your child’s folder daily.

3. Please have students log their reading every night on biblonasium.

4. Band and Orchestra begin next week.


Band and Orchestra will be starting on Days 2 and 6!

September 29th - Place Value Quiz

October 2nd - Picture Day

October 10th - Tatem 5K

October 13th-14 - Parent Observation

A Look into Our Curriculum!

Writers Workshop

Writers are continuing to expand on our Realistic Fiction Story. We have begun to develop characters with motivations and struggles. We have also started to create a story map of where we think our story might go. Ask your phenomenal writers about their story!

Name That Genre!

In Reading Workshop this week, students learned about the different types of genre. This will be something we discuss throughout the year. Also in Reading Workshop, students are starting our first Journey's story. In addition, we will also be starting our book clubs! Be sure to ask about all the books that we are reading.

Social Studies and Science Have Begun!

Over the past two weeks, students have jumped into our first Social Studies and Science Units. Our first Social Studies unit will involve history of our government, civics, and knowledge of the Social Sciences. Students started by learning about the different "hats" social scientists wear. We will then move on to how our government was formed and learning the different parts of our government.

In Science, students are learning about organisms and environments. We started our Unit doing a K-W-L to find out what we know and want to know! Students then explored the outside of our school looking for all of the living and non-living things we could. Students will get to learn about animal adaptations, pine lands animals, different types of soil, and how water affects plants.

Stay tuned to hear more!

Place Value Quiz

Tuesday, Sep. 29th, 9am

1 Glover Avenue

Haddonfield, NJ

Students will take their first Math Quiz this day focused on place value.

Tatem School Picture Day

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 9pm

1 Glover Avenue

Haddonfield, NJ

Be sure to send in your picture forms!