St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School

Staff Newsletter

Week of February 4, 2019

"Sharing Christ Through Academic Excellence"

18-19 Theme Verse: "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble" Psalm 46:1

My Schedule

Monday- St John, Talent Show 1pm @ Soest

Tuesday- Staff PD Day w/ e-learning

Wednesday- St John, staff meeting (active shooter & anything else)

Thursday- Soest

Friday- St John

Calendar Items of Note

Feb 4- Talent show 1pm to 2pm

Feb 5- regular school day now

Feb 6- rescheduled Active shooter meeting plus anything else needed)

Feb 15- makeup day for Nov 15th via e-learning

Feb 18- Presidents Day- Parent Drive Day (make up for Jan 23)

Feb 27- ILEARN meeting @ Flatrock

Feb 28- teacher evals due

NLSW Revisited

So with pretty much all of Lutheran Schools Week lost due to the weather, aside of the Talent Show already taking place on Monday, we're going to put in a couple of other events just so we get a little more of the week we missed. Below are the three events:

1) Monday- Talent Show as planned

2) Wednesday-Baptismal Remembrance chapel with ALL K-8 kids at Flatrock with service project with buddies afterwards.

3) Friday- Decades Dress Day

1) Alicia sent to the TLSP Times newsletter today and it contains the link to register for the Feb15th PD day. The link is also here: and below. Make sure to get registered.

2) All comments for both handbooks and 19-20 calendar were due Thursday, Jan 31st. Final date is Feb 6th after staff meeting.

3) Church attendance for Jan 20th will not be counted due to weather.

4) The last day of school is now May 30th with all days being parent drive days.

5) January Baptismal birthdays will be celebrated this Wednesday (Feb 6th) at the rescheduled Baptismal Remembrance chapel
This is Joe Sanfelippo. He is a public school superintendent in Wisconsin. I follow him on Twitter. He does one minute videos during his walk to work. I enjoy watching him because in that one minute he often has some great insights. This was his most recent one on we get what we model. Basically, the kids are watching how we interact with one another. What do we want them to see? Enjoy!!!

Kindness Week

The week of February 18th through 22nd is SJE Kindness Week. We will be pulling lesson plans, resources etc from the RandomActsofKindness website that is linked here. There is a tab for each grade with lessons etc specific for that grade. I assume we'll be pulling in faith lessons in here as well as appropriate. I look forward to doing this. I've informed families this week is coming.

Maybe during that week, a class or classes could have a kindness project to do as a whole class as well to reinforce the lessons? I'll do a check in to see how planning is progressing at Wednesday staff meeting.

ECE Open House

We will also be doing an ECE Open House in the spring with a date to be determined by Soest faculty. The sooner I get that date, the sooner I'll advertise that open house as well.

Folks it is key that we do all we can to get behind these events and support them. At a minimum, we need to maintain current enrollment numbers and at best we need to grow. If not, cuts will need to happen. We are at the break even point with enrollment and needed faculty and staff. Please do all you can to help.
The video above is about a public school 3rd grade class Genius Hour projects. Some great stuff here and shows what 3rd graders are capable of when given a chance to research etc something they are passionate about.