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Friday, January 19, 2018

Upcoming Dates

Jan 19 - Second Trimester Progress Reports Available in the Parent Portal

Jan 22-26 - Food Drive for Hand2Hand

Jan 26 - WEPA Movie Night @ Pine Street. 6:30 PM. Showing the movie "Sing"

Jan 31 - PLC - Half Day of School for Students

Feb 10 - Daddy/Daughter Dance - Wayland Middle School - 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Feb 14 - Final Parent Workshop - 9:00 AM in the Baker Media Center

Feb 14 - Classroom Parties - See classroom newsletter for specific times

Feb 19 - March 2 - Preschool, Young 5's & Kindergarten Registration for 2018/19

Feb 21 - Early Childhood Night at Baker Elementary! 6:00 - 7:30 PM. Sign up for Preschool, Young 5's and Kindergarten for the 2018/2019 school year. Learn about the programs, tour the building and meet the teachers

March 30 - April 8 - Spring Break

May 1 - Art Through the Eyes of a Child. Open House @ Baker. 5:00 - 7:00 PM

June 4 - Field Day at Baker Elementary

Progress Reports for Kindergarten and First Grade will be posted to Parent Portals today at 4:00 PM

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Follow this format, however, choose "Progress Report" instead of "Report Card"

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Hand2Hand Food Drive - January 22-26, 2018

Baker Elementary currently has 43 students who receive Hand2Hand bags every Friday. These students are sent home with a backpack filled with 8 to 10 food items. The food items are a combination of breakfast, snacks, lunch & dinner items. Students bring their empty backpacks to the school office on Monday morning of the following week and the backpack is refilled and given to them again on Friday.


1. If you have a student who could benefit from the Hand2Hand program, please call the Baker office. Parents will need to sign a permission form and the program will start the following week.

2. There will be a Hand2Hand food drive January 22-26 at Baker Elementary. This food drive will consist of a list of 7 SPECIFIC food items. Only the 7 food items listed will be collected.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Connie Pifer, Linda Holcolm & Vicki Hooker from Gun Lake Community Church who organize and facilitate this service weekly for our students!


Preschool, Young 5's & Kindergarten Registration for the 2018/2019 School Year

When: Wednesday February 21 - From 6:00 - 7:30 PM

Where: Baker Elementary

Who Should Come: Parents and potential students

*** Tell neighbors and parents of younger siblings that we will be hosting a community night where parents get a chance to check out all of our wonderful early childhood programs here at Baker Elementary and get a chance to tour classrooms and meet with teachers!

Meet our Young 5's Teachers - How could this opportunity not be fun for kids!

Mrs Neely, Mrs May & Mrs Paivarinta
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Meet our Kindergarten Staff!

Back Row: Mrs Penfield (All Boys Kindergarten), Mrs Anderson, Mrs Kowalski. Front Row: Mrs Fontana, Mrs Merchant, Mrs Pressey & Mrs Spicer (All Girls Kindergarten)
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And once again...Our Crazy Preschool Staff!l

BACK ROW: Nella Johnson, Aide for ECSE; Kami Williams, Preschool OT; Julie Lowe, Aide for Community Preschool; Laura Pillars, Teacher for GSRP; Pam Swan, Teacher for two Community Preschool programs; Kim Door, Aide for GSRP; Shelby Stedman, Aide for Community Preschool. FRONT ROW: Suzanne MacIntosh, Teacher for Community Preschool; Jessica Wierenga, Teacher for two Community Preschool programs; Brianna Genzink, Teacher for ECSE; Jessica Pfeiffer, Teacher for Headstart; Tiani Beck, Aide for Headstart; Diana Ellis, Aide for GSRP; Aaron Shoup, Teacher for GSRP; Kaley Lewis, Speech Pathologist for all preschoolers in the WUS District.

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Think you can't afford Preschool? YES - You Can!!!

Did you know that Wayland Union Schools use casino funds to off-set the cost of tuition for preschool, making our community preschools at Baker Elementary and Dorr Elementary affordable for all families. If your family does not qualify for one of the free preschool programs offered at Baker Elementary, check out the chart below to see how affordable our quality preschools can be!
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Does Preschool Make A Difference? YES - It Does!!!

Thinking about preschool for your 3- or 4-year-old? Here are a few great reasons to sign up now!

Children learn by listening and talking. In preschool students will hear lots of stories and have many chances to talk with others which develops their communication skills.

Children learn by being around other children. The preschool classroom gives your child the chance to play, share, take turns and sit with a group.

Children learn by playing and pretending. While in preschool students build, dress up, draw, and pretend with animals, cars, blocks, tools and toys.

Children learn problem solving skills. Preschool is the best place for children to learn how to be independent. Children will have the chance to help with tasks like setting up for snack and getting their own coats on, to making decisions about what they want to play during free time.

Children will learn beginning literacy skills. Through play and instruction, children will begin to learn about language -- things such as rhyming, vocabulary, letters and words


RSVP with payment by January 12, 2018

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