Teacher/Parent Communication

OBJECTIVE: Create a One-Way Communication Tool


“Written communication is probably the most efficient and effective way we can provide valuable ongoing correspondence between school and home” (Williams & Cartledge, 1997, p. 30).

Strong communication helps teachers establish partnerships with parents to support student learn and create a home/school community (Grahm-Clay, 2005).

Student see more success and achievement when parents are involved, behavior is better in and out of the classroom, and there is a positive effect on self-esteem and a student's attitude toward school (Chen, 2008).


"The goal is to organize concise, accurate information so that parents will read and understand it."(Grahm-Clay, 2005, p.119)


Create Your Very First, Beginning-of-the-Year, Class Newsletter as a One-Way communication tool for your class. Keep in mind the tips listed above. You should include things like objectives for parents, objectives for your students, class highlights, individual student highlights, school/class up-coming events, etc.

Make it clear, concise, and easy to read.

Since you are not yet teachers, I know that these will be fictional classrooms and students. But keep your future classroom in mind i.e. student age, subject area, setting, etc.

Use any template tool you would like, online or not. Below is an example.


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