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Little Free Library

By: Anna Robertson

Through out the Murfreesboro City Schools (MCS), little free libraries are starting to appear. Our School's, was one of the first ones. On the morning of Wednesday December 16th, we had the ribbon cutting ceremony for it.

How did this idea that every MCS should have a little free library turn up? I'm pleased to say that it was our very own Mrs. Svarda who came up with the idea. She says that she came up with the idea from visiting little free libraries around town. She sent the idea in the form of an email to Mrs. Maddux who emailed Dr. Gilbert.

Have you noticed the design on our little free library? It's not the same for every school. That is because a contest is held at each of the schools that determines which design to use. The designs entered are designed by the students of that school. Read to Succeed voted on the designs to choose the winner.

You might be wondering who won our school's contest. The winner of our school's contest was Caitlin Reeves, a 5th grade student in Mrs. Carnes's Class. When I interviewed her, she said that her inspiration for the design came from her love of reading. Apart from her design being on the little free library, she also got to paint the design on the little free library and cut the ribbon at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

How do you check a book out at the little free library? Typically when you go to a library, you check a book out, however, at a little free library you don't. Instead, you leave a book in order to take a book.

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TN Ready Testing

By: Sedrie Orantes

Do you think testing should be on paper or on computer? TN ready testing is a new system to replace “Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program” (TCAP). Opinions about the new system are everywhere. People are concerned about how the new test is going to work. Yes, there are pros and cons, but people believe it is going to be a big hit.

A few pros are that there are features that are helpful and easy to use. Another pro is that the test is saved on to a computer and you won’t be worried that you may lose or damage your test. Also, the new test has questions that are more interactive. It saves a lot of paper too. The cons would be that a computer could have a malfunction at any moment and it could die easily if it was not charged.

Mrs. Garza our 6th Grade teacher says, “There are pros and cons for both sides. A good thing is that we are using technology and that is accessible to all students. A con is what happens when the tech doesn’t work?” So, what do you think? What are your pros and cons?

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Should We Have Art At School?

By: Ruby Jacobs

“Look at the picture I made today at school mom.” That is a common thing said by most school children, but not all schools think that the arts are a necessary part of school.

The arts not only provide a creative outlet for expression, but can help you learn and, believe it or not, can help children with academics. The National Assembly of State Art Agencies (NASAA) suggests that art can make students better learners. Numerous studies from the NASAA show that music links to how kids learn in math because of rhythm and ratios, and dance and drama can help language skills because of the connection to storytelling.

An example of academics and art together is robotics. Even though robotics is known for it's engineering art is a big part. Art is designing the robot. Art is the mascot that cheers our robotics team on. Art is in places that you would not imagine.

Art can also help children solve problems by allowing them to work through the decisions and shows of what to make or use in their projects. The process of making art is as important as the finished piece and takes patience and deliberation.

A national study done by Shirley Brice Heath of Stanford University showed that students who do participate in the arts have other academic benefits. They are four times more likely of getting an academic award or honor and more likely to participate in a science or math fairs at school.

Our school is know for our academics, but it has many art programs. We have art and music class. Choir and musicals. We have art programs that many other schools don't have. We should be lucky for the special a programs we do have.

I know the next time I go to music or art class I will defiantly participate. If you want to learn more you can go to one of the websites I used.

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6th grade journalist: Sedrie Orantes, 4th grade journalist: Noah Koenig, Photographer: Zane Moore, 5th grade journalist: Anna Robertson, Comic Artist: Grace Woods,

Editor: Ruby Jacobs